Beeremoticons for special beer drinkers


Special beer lovers are able to download more than 60 emoticons of Belgian special beer glasses. The work of the association for Belgian Brewers and VLAM developed the Belgian Beeremoji’s app, which Apple and Android users can download.


Emoticons, who doesn’t know or use them? When we want to show emotions or we want to give our story more power, you can come a long way with the use of emoticons. Animals, appliances, facial expressions, you name it. Unfortunately there aren’t enough emoticons of beers to have a conversation about special beers with your friends. Time to change this, is what the proud Belgian brewers must have thought, they even made a video about it. The association felt for some time that our heritage deserved a place in the digital world. At least 62 Belgian beer brands have responded on the request from the association, resulting in a fine collection of mini beers. From a Jupiler glass to a Leffe and from the ‘Bolleke’ to the famous Palm goblet. You can find them all in the Belgian Beeremoji’s app.


You can download the emoticons for free. After a simple installation you’ll find the beers available in your messenger. Is your favorite not there yet? No worry, the will be coming more soon! Because the emoticons aren’t official, you can’t use them in all apps.

You can download the emoticons at the App Store, Google Play or on the website.

Website: Beeremoticons

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