Bakery through crowdfunding


BAQ, a bakery café in Groningen (The Netherlands) can open its doors through crowdfunding.

Patrick, Ellen and Evelien are the owners of BAQ. With already three locations in Drenthe they now want to open their fourth bakery in Groningen. This requires an investment of at least € 25.000, =. By a crowdfunding campaign via CrowdAboutNow they’ve already have raised 146% of the required € 25.000, =.


The funding will be used for the required bank guarantee to rent the property and for the purchase of an oven, pastry vitrine, a bread slicing machine, freezer, other kitchen equipment, the interior and marketing. When there will be raised more than the required amount, the additional funding will be used for the purchase of solar panels. The more successful the crowdfunding is, the more sustainable the bakery café will be.


BAQ bakery café works together with local farmers and millers. The bread is made without additives, e-numbers and lactose. They are have a wide range of spelled bread and sourdough. You can go to the bakery for a cup of coffee with some cake or for a delicious lunch.

Thank you

The crowdfunding campaign takes 60 days and lasts until 12 March, 2015. Investments starts from € 100, = with a return of 4% each year for five years. BAQ bakery café is thanking their investors with different rewards per invested amount. For example they are giving a lovely high tea or offer a workshop for making bread to thank for the confidence in the company.

Website: BAQ

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