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Bad Larry’s, the first-ever Cold Hard Coffee, is launching in the United States this May. Using local cold-brew company,  Blackeye Roasting Co. as the source for its coffee ingredients. Bad Larry’s blends cold brew with malt for a sweetened and smooth boozy coffee. A perfect drink if you need a boost during a night out with friends.

Cold Hard Coffee

“The demand for cold brew coffee has completely taken off,” says Matt McGinn, Bad Larry’s formulation consultant and founder of Blackeye Roasting Co. “And we’re the first to craft an alcoholic version. Bad Larry’s is nothing like coffee-flavored beers or cocktails – this is totally different.”

Similar  to  the  craft  brewing  process,  each  batch  of  Bad  Larry’s  is  focused  on  quality. Locally-sourced, cold-brew coffee from Blackeye Roasting Co. is steeped for more than 16 hours and infused with nitrogen before being canned. The drink has an ABV of 6% and consist of 180mg caffeine. Bad Larry’s will currently only be distributed in the United States.

Coffee infused with wine

Earlier this month we wrote shortly about wine-infused coffees created by Molinari Private Reserve in Los Angeles. They created a coffee blend that smells like wine, tastes like wine and has a hint of blueberry. According to an article in the Metro UK it still tastes like a rich, full-bodied coffee.

Website: Blackeye Roasting Co

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