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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others wine infused coffee and New York gets a Fried Pickle restaurant.

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Wine infused coffee

Molinari Private Reserve, created a coffee blend that smells like wine, tastes like wine and has a hint of blueberry. According to the article in the Metro UK it still tastes like a rich, full-bodied coffee. And if you freeze it you could serve a real ice wine coffee.

Chocolate museum in New York

Eddy Van Belle has set up Choco-Story chocolate museums in Belgium, France and Mexico, and it took very little to convince the master chocolatier Jacques Torres that New York needed one too. Space was available, since Mr. Torres had moved his wholesale production out of his flagship shop in the Hudson Square neighbourhood of Manhattan.

Starbucks now lets customers pay their coffee with bitcoins

Starbucks has partnered with iPayYou, a method Bitcoin users can use to make purchases, to have their method of payment work through the coffee shop’s application. Starbucks’ application allows them to buy a number of things from their menu.

Aldi Süd in Düsseldorf| Temporary wine shop ‘Meine Weinwelt‘

The German wing of the supermarket brand Aldi will open ‘Meine Weinwelt’ today and it will remain open till the 21st of March. The pop-up gives consumers a unique opportunity to see what wines they can buy at their local grocery store. They will host wine tastings every day.

NYC gets a Fried Pickle restaurant

New York-based Pickle Guys have announced plans to expand their cucumber expertise in the form of a Lower East Side fried pickle restaurant. According to Eater, the kosher joint will offer a plethora of breaded and fried vegetable options that include okra, tomatoes and mushrooms. Plans to include burgers and sliders are also on the horizon, though fried pickles will be the ‘main thing’.

Jonnie and Thérèse Boer from De Librije are going to open a restaurant on Bonaire

Jonnie and Thérèse Boer, owners of the Dutch restaurant De Librije will start a culinary adventure on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. The duo will be responsible for the management of a beach restaurant at the Delfins Beach Resort. The name of the restaurant is going to be Delfins Beach restaurant by Jonnie & Thérèse. The dishes will have the signature of De Librije and will be inspired by dishes from all over the world.

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