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During the Dutch hospitality event ‘Horecava’ in January, the co-owner Ron Simpson of the famous Dutch restaurant ‘The Avocado Show‘ introduced a new product ‘Avocado Fries’. Great asset for your snack menu! ‘The Avocado Show’ is going to sell the avocado fries, where Salud Foodgroup Europe BV, European market leader in frozen avocados, provides the distribution.

Avocado fries

It is a fresh slice of avocado covered with a lightly seasoned breaded panko coating. This new avocado product has been developed with the popular HASS avocado. It is a new and trendy product for restaurants or a bar. The avocado fries are easy to prepare. The avocado stays green and crunchy when it is baked at 180ºC. The product is ideal to serve in combination with a truffle dip. The bags of deep frozen healthy fries can be ordered as of March at ‘The Avocado Show‘.

The popularity of the Avocado

For several years now avocados are used in different dishes and products like, breads, poke bowls, ice-cream, smoothies, oils and beauty products. Even the prints on our phone cases and socks are provided with happy avocado’s. The trend derived from the ‘healthy lifestyle’ of vegan people. However, nowadays the avocado has become popular for almost everyone who wants to eat healthy.

Avocado is delicious but also very healthy, what do we want more? We have our own avocado restaurant in Amsterdam, The Avocado Show but we have also spotted Avocado restaurants in other cities. Besides, we spotted Casa Velas in Mexico, an adults-only boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta, that has been organizing Guacamania, a tribute to the green fruit, twice throughout the year 2018. They even have their own dedicated guacamologist!

Bron: Salud Foodgroup Europe BV

Website: The Avocado Show

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