Ancolie: The Glass Jars Concept


“Banish wasteful plastic and embrace glass! Serving grab and go meals in reusable jars. Save our planet, help us open in NYC!”, the slogan of the Kickstarter project Ancolie, designed by Chloe. Ancolie jars are portion controlled, waste-free and plastic-free.

Ancolie: one jar that will change the way we eat

Tired of throwing away plastic, foil and cardboard packaging after each meal on-the-go? Ancolie created the perfect packaging: the kind that will not go to waste! Their goal is to serve all meals in their new restaurant in jars.

Waste facts

• 100 million pieces of lunchtime trash get thrown away every 24 hours;
• Less than 4% of plastic used is recycled;
• 30-40% of food produced goes to waste.

One of the solutions; the glass jars. Ancolie jars are portion controlled, waste-free and plastic-free. The healthiest and most sustainable lunch companion. As Chloë said, “keep in mind, the best way to reduce garbage is to NOT create it!”

The restaurant

Ancolie offers fresh, breakfast, lunch and snack options with sustainable, well-sourced ingredients packaged in reusable glass jars. The recipes are prepared in their kitchen daily, inspired by traditional French home cooking and international flavours.


Although the project has been funded already (200%), you could still help them start their business in New York City. You have 18 days left to invest. For more information about the project, surf to the website of Kickstarter.

Almost similar

Boco in Paris also serves meals (created by 12 different chefs that are renowned and celebrated in the culinary world) in recyclable jars. They serve all the jars (5 per meal) in a cardboard box, losing the sustainable effect. The goal of the founders of Boco is the believe you can eat a great meal every day without spending a fortune. We wrote about Boco Paris in May 2015 and meanwhile they have opened restaurants in Switzerland and Belgium.

Website: Ancolie

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