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  • Hotelkamer 1950AcoorHotels Hotelkamer 1950
  • Hotelkamer 1970AccorHotels Hotelkamer 1970
  • Hotelkamer van de toekomstAccorHotels Hotelkamer van de toekomst

AccorHotels have made a visual timeline of hotel rooms. A journey through time that shows the technological and interior developments within the hotel rooms in the past century. In addition, AccorHotels has made a provisory sketch of the hotel room of the future with #Hotelroom2030. Curious how they imagine this hotel room?

Visual timeline of developments in the hotel room

Whether you’re traveling for business or vacationing to a dream destination away from home, traveling is all about relaxation, luxury and atmosphere. Of course, it’s not something that pops up in your mind on a regular basis but over the years, hotel rooms have changed a lot for that reason. Both the room and the interior design are often provided with all the comforts, so that guests can enjoy their well-deserved rest.

In collaboration with Lobke Elbers (Industry Expert in Travel & Hospitality) and Patrick Kooiman (Writer at, AccorHotels made this timeline throughout the last century. With the focus on the changes in the technology and hotel interior in the rooms. From petroleum lamps and the first coffee maker in the hotel room, to ultrathin TVs, free Wifi and maybe even suites with an Augmented Reality environment.

Website: AccorHotels

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