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With the hospitality trends and ideas we’ve spotted we inspire entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry and provide the tools to create more revenue, a higher brand awareness or more joy at work. The websites horecatrends.com and hospitalitytrends.eu are part of the Van Spronsen & Partners Group since 2007. From different fields of profession and expertise we publish hospitality related trends and ideas on the websites. We’re always linking to our source. We believe in providing the right credits to the right people and receiving them back as well. Eventually everybody benefits of this. If you have any questions considering our articles please contact us via +31 (0)71 541 8867 or mail us at tip@spronsen.com.

We hope that our practical examples are used in the Dutch and international hospitality industry. Spotting trends is a complementary service we provide to our stakeholders and we’re proud of that! Stay up-to-date and add our website to your favorites, subscribe yourself to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter of Facebook.
We’re pleased if you want to share our articles via your own channels. We’re even more pleased if you mention us as your inspirational source. If you did spot inspiration that we should write about send them to our editorial staff via tip<at>spronsen.com.

Facts & figures about hospitality trends

Every month around 13.000 unique visitors have a peek at around 20.000 pages on the website. 80% of the visits are from the Netherlands, but we have fans from all over the world, from USA to Servia. Our Twitter channel has 16.000+ followers and we’re growing exponentially on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. We regularly organize offline inspirational sessions for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.
There are no costs involved in an editorial publication, we do expect hi-res pictures though. Horecatrends.com and hospitalitytrends.eu are growing fast and we’re open for advertorials and business inquiries related to the hospitality industry. Please contact Marjolein van Spronsen for more information or call +31 (0)71 541 88 67.

About Van Spronsen & Partners

The Van Spronsen & Partners Group is a full service agency for hospitality consultancy, hospitality administration, salary administration for hospitality and hospitable trainings. Please check www.spronsen.com for more information.

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