3Doc: Bugs | The documentary about how to cook with insects


A young team from the Nordic Food Lab (known from restaurant NOMA) travels around the world to look for ways how to prepare great tasting insects. According to many people, one of the solutions to the world’s food problem. The documentary 3Doc: Bugs will be broadcasted in the Netherlands during the NPO Food weeks and is interesting for adventurous chefs!

Dish with termite ‘queens’ and mango

Globally, two billion people eat insects, but why does most Western consumers still show a dirty face if we think about eating insects?

Insect foods are ‘hot’. Especially since the UN talked about the consumption of insects as a solution in the fight against world hunger. Chefs are praising their taste, environmentalists use them because of their low environmental impact and scientists for their nutritional value. Nonetheless, the Western consumer doesn’t really want to eat them. The Nordic Food Lab team is trying to change this.

The documentary 3Doc: Bugs

3Doc: Bugs’ director Andreas Johnsen follows the team while catching, breeding, cooking and tasting insects. The team is travelling in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Kenya and Japan where they’re looking for the ‘deliciousness’ of the insects. During their trip, they eat the most fascinating edible insects, from termite queens and honey mites to poisonous giant bumblebees and saber locusts. All prepared according to local recipes. Curious about what you can create whit insects as a chef? Then you should watch, 3Doc: Bugs. The documentary 3Doc: Bugs will be broadcasted during the NPO Food Weeks that starts on the 10th of May. For six weeks in a row, The 3Doc: Bugs series will be broadcasted on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:00 on NPO 3. Not the most ideal time for the catering industry, but worth watching back on the internet!

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