10 Valentine’s Day campaigns that will make you smile


In a year where seeing your loved ones is not evident, we have compiled a list of campaigns that will put a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day. Some companies have set their creative minds to work to create products and services that put a twist to the well-known concept of Valentine’s Day. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 

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1. “Will Delive-roo be my Valentine” campaign in Singapore

Food delivery company Deliveroo has partnered with KFC again for a Valentine’s Day campaign in Singapore. Called “Will Delive-Roo Be My Valentine“, the campaign allows consumers to surprise their date with a limited-edition KFC bucket ring. 

A Deliveroo spokesperson said the campaign and ring idea was conceptualised by Deliveroo’s PR agency AKA Asia. The handmade ring was designed and made by Geraldine Cassandra Tan from local jewellery brand Gemnesis. Targeting foodies and fans of both Deliveroo and KFC, the consumers will have to pre-order the Valentine’s Day combo a day in advance to have the meal and ring delivered on 14 February. 

2. Lay’s Created Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips for Valentine’s Day 

Lay’s created special bags of chocolate-covered potato chips for Valentine’s Day and the brand is giving fans the chance to get their hands on them via social media. The sweet, limited-edition Chocolate Covered Wavy Lay’s are described as “a delicious harmony of rich milk chocolate with the perfect punctuation of sea salt and the light crunchy taste of a Lay’s Wavy Potato Chip.” 


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3. Tinder partners Deliveroo for Valentine’s matchmaking service | Profiles of local singles will be printed on food deliveries 

Tinder has partnered with Deliveroo for a Valentine’s dating service that prints the profiles of local single people on food deliveries. The initiative comes after Tinder reported an 84% increase year on year in user bios featuring the word “takeaway”.  

When ordering from one of five Wingstop restaurants on Deliveroo, customers will be able to opt-in to the “DeliverDate” service, meaning their delivery will arrive with QR codes for Tinder profiles of six people printed on the box. One thousand profile boxes will be available on orders from Wingstop restaurants in the London areas of Battersea, Kentish Town, Gloucester Road and Croydon, as well as in Birmingham, on 13 and 14 February. Thirty singles are being featured across the whole campaign. 


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4. Bud Light Created a Valentine’s Day Beer Gift Box That Holds 12 Cans 

Kind of simple but why not a heart-shaped food box? Roses are red Bud Light is Blue…. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Bud Light created a heart-shaped beer gift box that’s gender-neutral and serves as an invitation to share a beer (or two.) The Bud Light Valentine’s Day Box is outfitted to hold 12 cold cans of Bud Light, which must be purchased separately. Perfect as a last-minute gift to accompany dinner and a movie at home, the box can be purchased online with ease.

5. Ikea’s Provocative Valentine’s Day 

So simple, but we think restaurants can do much better in their Instagram of TikTok with food! This year, Ikea is advertising their chairs, in either a way that suggests it is about more than chairs, or it’s just an innocent yet ill thought way of stacking furniture. Either way, the advertisement showcases the essence of Ikea well; minimalistic yet innovative.

6. Vodafone Calls Just to Say They Love You 

This year Vodafone makes good use of it’s already existing brand colour and of existing lyrics to create a humourful ad to tell someone you love them. By incorporating all the various ways to contact someone with the song lyrics I Just … To Say I Love You, it sends a clear message of all the options that Vodafone offers.  

7. Heart-Shaped Jet’s Pizza 

On Sunday, February 14, Jet’s Pizza® locations nationwide are selling heart-shaped Detroit-Style pizzas, Jet’s Bread®, and Cinnamon Stix. The heart-shaped Detroit-style pizza is perfect for two and includes premium mozzarella and one topping but can also be prepared as any of the specialty pizzas. “Your Valentine will fall in love at first bite when you give the gift the of our heart-shaped pizzas, Jet’s Bread® and Cinnamon Stix,” says John Jetts, president of Jet’s America, Inc. “Our Valentine’s Day promotion is a fun and tasty way to show your loved ones you are thinking of them.” 

Codes to order them: Heart-Shaped Pizza – code: LOVEHeart-Shaped Jet’s Bread® – code: BEMINEHeart-Shaped Cinnamon Stix – code: SWEET 


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8. Noosa’s Unneccessary Valentine’s Day Gadget 

This year, Noosa Yoghurt and Matty Benedetto of Unneccessary Inventions have partnered up to create a series of quirky Valentine’s Day gadgets for fans to use. The idea behind the inventions is that these will help people enjoy their yoghurt in a socially distant way. To obtain these gadgets, fans can enter to win by visiting Noosa’s website.

9. Neil Edley’s Edible Broken Heart 

Valentine’s Day is usually a holiday for people in love, but what about those that have just had their hearts broken? For these special few, Neil Edley has created a 12 ounce milk chocolate ‘pizza’ covered with pretzels, cookies, and chips that comes with its own wooden mallot. The idea is to smash the pizza, so you can work out all your feelings with a nice smashing session.

10. Dinner Dates With Your Furry Bestfriend 

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with fancy restaurants and flowers, but what if your main squeeze is not interested in either? BarkBox has created a box with various Valentine’s Day inspired treats and toys for your pet so that you can celebrate this special day together at home. 


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