Valentine’s Day inspiration | Culinary love in a box


  • De TLC Valentine's Day box
  • De Guilty Pleasures box van restaurant Hemingway
  • Love clutches for Valentine's Day at White Castle
  • Love Castle for Valentine's Day at White Castle

Within almost 4 weeks it’s going to be a special edition of Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and embrace those close to you. Well it’s going to be though this year to embrace those friends and loved ones, not part of your household. How does the hospitality industry deal with all the restrictions? Well the most important fact is that most restaurants give their guests the opportunity to celebrate it on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday the 14th of February. We found some great Valentine’s Day inspiration, like classic drive-ins, with carhop service at White Castle, a TLC Valentine’s Box by 2 Dutch chefs highly rated by Michelin and the Guilty Pleasures box by restaurant Hemingway in hotel De Draak (the Dragon) in Bergen op Zoom.

Valentine’s Day inspiration | White Castle will become Love Castle

Love is still in the air at White Castle, a fast-food hamburger chain that has been making hot and tasty Sliders as a family-owned business for almost 100 years, based in Columbus, Ohio. COVID-19 might have prevented White Castle chain from offering indoor dining the past year, but it won’t stop them from providing a unique dining experience on Valentine’s Day. This year, White Castle restaurants will transform into classic drive-ins, complete with carhop service, allowing customers to celebrate the holiday while remaining socially distanced. Reservations can now be made via the OpenTable website or app. Hours vary by store.

Just for the day, the 20-Slider Crave Clutch will showcase a new, irresistible  design befitting the Valentine’s Day festivities. Customers with reservations will pull into a parking space, where they’ll be greeted by a White Castle team member who will take their order and deliver it to them in their cars. “COVID forced us to re-imagine our annual Valentine’s Day event,” said Jamie Richardson, a vice president at White Castle. “This creative and safe solution allows us to celebrate a tradition our customers love. We’re happy to share that once again this Valentine’s Day, White Castle will become Love Castle.” For those who can’t get a reservation or simply prefer to celebrate at home, there’s always the option of getting White Castle to go.

The Tender Loving Care Valentine’s Box by two Michelin chefs with in total six stars

A 6 Michelin stars experience in the Netherlands! Chef François Geurds (3 stars for FG restaurant (**) and Foodlabs by François Geurds (*) both in Rotterdam) and chef Jacob Jan Boerma (*** for his former restaurant De Leest) say that they a ‘love bomb in a box’, a romantic explosion that does makes Cupid jealous. You can order a breakfast menu, their TLC Valentine’s Day box (even with an upgrade with Champagne and caviar), or you can order both boxes with the upgrade. They will serve you the T from tender and truffle, the L from love and in Dutch ‘Lang gegaard’ (meaning well braised) and of course the C from care and Chocolate (a dessert with Valrhona chocolate). Also in the box some of the famous and delicious FG Bonbons. Check out their Facebook post! You can order the boxes through e-mail.

Hemingway X Valentine box

The chef of restaurant Hemingway in Hotel De Draak in Bergen op Zoom, (in the south of the Netherlands), Torben Bouterse, created his Guilty Pleasures box inspired on his 7 sins… jealousy, lust, laziness, greed, gluttony, anger and vanity. Included in the box 3 demi bottles of sparkling wine, white and red wine. And rose petals, candlelight and love bonbons. Some examples of his dishes: for Lust he created a dish with coquille, foie gras, truffle and for laziness the dish contains lobster, brioche, baharat (a blend of spices from the Middle East) and black garlic. His dessert around vanity is sabayon with sparkling wine, ruby chocolate and Madagaskar vanilla. Check out all the dishes at their website! Next to the food box you can also order a luxurious erotic box.

Website: White Castle Restaurant Hemingway

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