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Zume Pizza is a start-up in America where robots and humans work together to deliver the most delicious pizzas to customers. The collaboration between robots and humans leads to a decrease in labor costs and a faster delivery time. This start-up was ranked no.1 in the list of most promising young start-ups from the CNBC.

Zume Pizza

We cannot deny that robots and machines are going to take over some of our jobs in the future. In some sectors probably sooner than others. The hospitality will always need humans to operate, but some of the tasks can be easily done by robots. This start-up in Silicon Valley shows how.

The tasks are clearly divided in the production kitchen of Zume Pizza. When an order reaches the kitchen, the chef makes the pizza dough as flat as possible and places it on a conveyor band. The robot puts the sauce on the pizza dough and spreads it carefully over the dough. The pizza continues its way on the conveyor band till the next chef then places cheese and other toppings on the pizza. Robot number two finishes the pizza by grabbing it and placing it in the oven. A great example of collaboration between humans and robots.

In the future it’s expected that the pizzas will be prepared in the kitchen but baked in a delivery car that features 56 mini ovens. Not only the delivery time decrease fast, guests will always receive a hot, freshly baked pizza.


In the future we’ll find more robots on the workplace, however, it will take a long time till these techniques are accessible and affordable for everyone. Furthermore, fully automated hospitality businesses will undercut the charms of providing hospitality.

Bron: Bloomberg

Website: Zume Pizza

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