Yotel Boston | Robot YO2D2 newest employee in the hotel


  • Robot YO2D2Yotel Boston
  • Robot YO2D2Yotel Boston
  • Robot YO2D2Yotel Boston
  • Robot YO2D2Yotel Boston
  • Robot YO2D2Yotel Boston
  • Yotel Boston

YOTEL, the affordable luxury hotel brand, announces their new hire in their Boston hotel, YO2D2. The hotel’s guest services robot is remarkably well versed in hospitality and ‘mingling’! The Seaport hotel is known for its of-the-moment technology offerings which include super-fast (and free) WiFi, self-service check-in via mobile app and sleek cabins with SmartBeds™ and Technowalls. With this latest tech enhancement, guests can look forward to receiving amenities from and taking selfies with YOTEL’s newest crew member, YO2D2.

Yotel Boston

“We’re excited to be the only hotel in Boston employing an automated crew member”, says General Manager of Yotel Boston, Chris Hartzell. “We don’t just do technology for technology’s sake, it needs to be functional, first and foremost. Since YO2D2 was introduced, our guests have been fascinated and entertained by the robot, but more importantly, pleased to receive their extra towels and amenities in short order.”

YO2D2 robot | A relay robot

YO2D2 is a Relay robot built by the California-based tech company, Savioke and customized for YOTEL Boston’s property needs. The 36” tall robot is programmed to safely navigate crowded spaces, autonomously summon the elevator, dance or ‘shimmy’ to music and will greet guests with clever messages displayed on its touchscreen interface. YO2D2 improves the guest experience by freeing up crew members to provide uninterrupted personal attention to guests and expediting delivery of linens, toiletries and other items to cabins.

To summon YO2D2, guests submit their request to Mission Control through the YOTEL app or by phone. In no time at all, YO2D2 will call their cabin to alert them of its arrival. The guest can then use YO2D2’s touchscreen to retrieve their item from the storage compartment and send it on its way. A tip isn’t necessary but a simple ‘Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto’ is always appreciated!

YO2D2 will be joining YOTEL’s robot crew alongside YOBOT, YOTEL New York’s luggage checking robot, and Yoshi and Yolanda, YOTEL Singapore’s two new delivery robots.

Website: Yotel Boston

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