Yamagoya | Launches the raindrop cake in London


From 15th May, Fah Sundravorakul, Co-Founder of Yamagoya, the ramen pop-up on Shaftsbury Avenue, will bring the Raindrop Cake to London for the first time, adding just 20 to the menu each day. Inspired by the cult Japanese dish, mizu shingen mochi and made in the shape of a water droplet, Yamagoya’s recipe has been carefully developed to produce a crystal clear cake, made from special agar powder which can only be found in Japan to give clarity and served with a sticky sweet molasses syrup (Kuromitsu) and kinako; roasted soybean flour for dipping.

Raindrop Cake in London

We have to admit it, we keep writing about the raindrop cake. We first spotted the cake in New York at Smorgasburg and now back in London. Fortunately, a lot closer so when we’ll get the chance to try one of the twenty raindrop cakes Yamagoya makes every day! Still, we keep wondering why we never came up with making a cake of water and started selling it! A serious food gadget!

The Raindrop Cake will be on the Yamagoya menu from May 15th for £2.30 per cake. It’s created to challenge the senses, the completely clear dessert melts into liquid form once in the mouth, allowing the flavours of the syrup and kinako to infiltrate the palate for a cooling antidote to the heady heat of the broth. Yamagoya’s limited edition cakes will be available each day as an accompaniment to their signature menu of fiery ramen, from the Yuzukara with chashu pork and yuzu zest to the Tobanjan, known to locals as ‘fire food’, reflecting the age old Japanese culture of embracing cold, sweet flavours to finish a meal.

Website: yamagoya

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