Would you go to a spa in a Burger King? It’s possible in Helsinki!


Yes, you read that right. Burger King opened a private spa in one of the locations in Helsinki. Would you go to a spa in a Burger King? The red-blue sauna does feature a TV though and Burger King towels. And it’s possible to order a Whopper and eat it in the spa.

Facilities at the spa

It’s a bit odd but maybe we have to get used to the idea: eating a burger while you sweat and detox at 90 degrees Celsius. Although, your food doesn’t cool off very quickly! Apparently they liked the idea at this location of Burger King and they earn a lot of attention with the world’s first Burger King to open a spa. And If you do it, there is no better place than in Finland. Saunas and Finland are inextricably linked. The saunas are part of the Finnish culture and why not use the sauna during a visit to Burger King?

The spa is located in Helsinki’s famous street Mannerheimintie and is immediately visible on the ground floor. There is a choice of two saunas: one for 15 people, another for 10 people. TV’s hang on the wall of the spa, there are towels available (with the Burger King logo), you can shower and safely store your belongings in a safe. One of the saunas is even connected to PlayStation, for those who like to play games during their 15-minutes sessions in the sauna.

You can also order your whopper and fries, which will be delivered in the sauna if requested, you can even give PowerPoint presentations on the TVs hanging in the spa. According to the website, the sauna is ‘perfect for getaways’ and even complies as place to work.

Would you go to a spa in a Burger King? Not me!

I can’t picture it yet, writing short articles in a sweaty sauna. And I would most certainly skip a teambuilding session here! If you are interested, it will cost you € 250, = for three hours. Let’s hope this includes unlimited Whoppers and fries. ^David

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