#WorldSleepDay | Sofitel’s Do’s & Don’ts for a Bonne Nuit 


  • Sofitel’s Do’s & Don’ts for a Bonne NuitSofitel’s Do’s & Don’ts for a Bonne Nuit

On the occasion of #WorldSleepDay on March 17, Sofitel Hotels & Resorts is inviting guests and travelers to experience its most luxurious bedtime routines with “Sofitel’s Do’s & Don’ts for a Bonne Nuit”. As an ambassador of modern French style, culture and art-de-vivre around the world, Sofitel exudes a refined and understated sense of modern luxury, which certainly extends to its signature Sofitel MyBedTM experience, and the brand’s chic approach to well-being. In keeping with the theme for this World Sleep Day – Sleep is Essential for Health – Sofitel shares its secrets to the ultimate good night’s sleep. 

3 minuten read and hopefully you sleep well!  

Sofitel’s Do’s & Don’ts for a Bonne Nuit 

“Creating a healthy balance of body and mind is one of the cornerstones for one’s overall sense of well-being and achieving a restorative sleep is an imperative part of the equation,” said Emlyn Brown, Global Vice-President, Well-Being, Accor.  “Sleep is the crowning touch of a well-balanced lifestyle and through proper nourishment, daily movement and mindfulness activities, sustaining a regular good night’s rest is attainable.” 

D’accord! Do Balance the Day 

Sofitel’s first tip is to pace the day with moments of rest – especially as the day winds down. This helps calm the mind and restore energy, ensuring one is not overtired or overstimulated at bedtime. Sofitel Spa with L’Occitane’s Sleep & Reset signature treatment is a 90-minute massage that uses unique rituals to prepare the body for sleep and has been endorsed as an effective technique by the European Sleep Centre. This exclusive massage treatment can be experienced at a number of locations including Sofitel Mexico Reforma; Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk; Sofitel Dubai The Palm; Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort and Sofitel Mauritius l’Imperial Resort and Spa.      

In the privacy of the guestroom, a warm bath can regulate the body’s temperature, while calming bedtime rituals declutter the mind. All of Sofitel’s in-room Bath Rituals are available upon request, with a Sofitel Ambassador arriving to draw the bath, ensure temperature and amenities are to the guest’s liking, and tailor arrangements to any personal conditions or preferences. At Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour, guests can choose a bath drawn with nourishing beads of caviar for a glamourous Vitamin B3 Caviar Bath. Guests at Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 can dip into a classic Bubble Bath topped with rose petals while sipping champagne and nibbling macarons. Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese offers a candlelight bath experience, inviting guests to sink deeply into a bath drawn of Roman donkey milk – an elixir said to provide longevity benefits and soft, smooth skin.   

Mais, non! Do Not Overstimulate 

Working out too close to bedtime, staying up too late, or rising too early can upset circadian rhythms and lead to poor quality sleep. Too much screen time before sleep can have the same effect. For some, a light snack, a small bit of chocolate, or an herbal tea can calm the senses and prepare for sleep, while too much food or alcohol close to bedtime can be greatly disruptive to sleep patterns. Ideally, one heads to bed with a calm mind, a steady heart rate, and a satisfied belly that can rest through the night, preparing the body to engage in a healthy sleep cycle. 

D’accord! Do indulge in the Sofitel MyBedTM 

The Sofitel MyBed is at the center of l’art d’une bonne nuit – the art of a good night. Beloved by guests for its exceptional comfort, the signature mattress features an ultra-soft plush top surface and unique construction, crafted with the highest quality materials to relieve pressure and offer optimal support night after night. Generously thick featherbeds provide a layer of deep comfort, while the bed’s reinforced edges embrace the bed’s sleep surface, allowing guests to stretch out without rolling to the edges. 

Designed for the ultimate sleep-time bliss, the Sofitel MyBed is dressed with a perfect ensemble of luxurious linen sheets and soft bedding that pairs exquisite comfort with refined style. Guests choose from a pillow menu, featuring up to seven different natural and hypo-allergenically treated pillows for the ideal customized sleep experience.  

Mais, non! Don’t leave your bed behind 

Guests who have indulged in a few magnificent nights upon the Sofitel MyBed, often fall in love with their sound sleep experience and don’t wish to leave it behind. For some, this means choosing their flights wisely. 

Business class passengers of Hainan Airlines are able to enjoy an airborne experience of the Sofitel MyBed. The ‘Hai Dream’ on-board sleep experience includes Sofitel’s signature bedding with full-size pillows, duvet, bed sheet, feather topper and blanket. Similarly, guests of Air France’s La Première Suites also enjoy a private and sumptuous Sofitel MyBed experience. For those wishing for a longer term commitment with their Sofitel MyBed, an at-home experience is a possibility too – with every thoughtful detail of l’art d’une bonne nuit – from mattresses to linens – available for purchase at sofitelboutique.com. 

10 effortless actions for the ultimate good night sleep by Sofitel 

  • Take a deep breath, practicing 5 minutes of abdominal breathing per day with 4-7-8 method (inhale 4, block 7 and exhale 8 – repeat 3 times). 
  • Sip tea or herbal tea during the day, avoid coffee. 
  • Move for 30 minutes to limit stress and regulate tightness, finish with a warm shower to wake up. 
  • Sunbathe for at least 30 minutes to fill up with vitamin D and regulate your internal clock. 
  • Travelling East, wear your sunglasses in the evening. 
  • Travelling West, wear your sunglasses in the morning. 
  • Eat a light dinner 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. 
  • Refrigerate your pure silk sleep mask and put it on just before bedtime. 
  • Slip into the most luxurious linen and lay down onto the most fluffy pillows. 
  • Write down your dreams in a notebook to improve self-understanding, stimulate creativity and improve night sleep on long term. 

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