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  • World's Highest Cinema
  • ‘s Werelds hoogste bioscoop
  • ‘s Werelds hoogste bioscoop
  • ‘s Werelds hoogste bioscoop
  • ‘s Werelds hoogste bioscoop
  • ‘s Werelds hoogste bioscoop


The tip of The Shard in London will be the location for a pop-up cinema for three nights. The building is 69 floors which probably means it will be the world’s highest cinema. A ticket for one of the nights will be quite expensive. On the other hand, in return you will get a complete luxurious night out! It’s courtesy of the Extraordinary Travelling Film Show that shows movies at ordinary places.

World’s highest cinema

It’s courtesy of the pop-up the Extraordinary Travelling Film Show, who have shown movies in fields, zoos and stately homes and are seriously up-and-coming. The Shard in London is 308.5 meters above sea level. It’s a complete night out: the panoramic 360 degree views from London at night, a welcome glass of Taittinger champagne, complimentary popcorn, chocolate from Artisan du Chocolat and either the movie Some Like It Hot, Dirty Dancing, or Hitchcock’s Vertigo. So, if you are looking for a special Valentine’s Day surprise or once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience, you might consider visiting this pop-up cinema on Februari the 15th, they will show the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ that night.


If you have a hotel or restaurant you might consider hiring this pop-up theater to show movies at special movie nights like for example restaurant One in the Netherlands does. Especially movies or documentaries with restaurants or hotels in it must be great to watch while having dinner!

Bron: London on the inside

Website: Travelling film show

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