World first innovative cabin against stress and sleep problems by AYAVAYA at BLUE Wellness resort Leiden


  • AYAVAYA cabin against stress and sleep problemsAYAVAYA cabin against stress and sleep problems
  • Experience the AYAVAYA cabin against stress and sleep problemsExperience the AYAVAYA cabin against stress and sleep problems

BLUE Wellness has partnered with AYAVAYA. This start-up, which is part of the Dutch start-up and scale-up mission to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, has developed an innovative cabin that addresses two major social problems: stress and sleep problems. The collaboration between the two parties has led to a prototype of this unique cabin with automatic therapies, with the intention of a long-term partnership to make a wellness experience even more complete. The AYAVAYA cabin against stress and sleep problems can be experienced exclusively at the BLUE Wellness resort Leiden until December 2022.

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Cabin against stress and sleep problems is a technological innovation from AYAVAYA

AYAVAYA is a start-up developing innovative technologies to combat stress and improve mental health. These innovative technologies have been scientifically tested and further developed into a unique cabin that eliminates stress within 20 minutes. The treatment method used in this cabin is based on Ayurvedic insights. Through the Shirodhara technique, sound therapy, aromatherapy and light therapy, one is brought into a deep meditative state. This provides stress reduction, renewed energy, sharp focus and deep sleep. Independent research has shown that repeating this treatment increases stress resistance. The prototype of this cabin is now in use by BLUE Wellness resort Leiden and available for wellness guests, Fletcher hotel guests and other customers. Check out how it works: (the text continues below the video)

Powerful partnership between BLUE Wellness resort and AYAVAYA

Fletcher Hotels is a well-known Dutch hotel chain with over 110 unique hotels throughout the Netherlands. Five of these hotels are luxury wellness resorts which are part of BLUE Wellness; the wellness, spa & beauty locations of Fletcher Hotels. In total, BLUE Wellness has nine locations where you can immerse yourself in the world of luxury wellness. “Being ‘offline’ for a while, escaping daily life and really taking some time for yourself are aspects that we at BLUE Wellness focus on,” says Pim Giesbers – Manager BLUE Wellness | Spa | Beauty. “Also at BLUE, we continue to innovate and develop new treatments that contribute to the wellness experience of our guests and benefit their health. The collaboration with AYAVAYA is a fantastic example of this, which we are very excited about. The advanced cabin can currently be experienced exclusively at our wellness resort in Leiden which, if the pilot is successful, we will extend to multiple locations.”

Exclusive participation in world’s biggest tech fair

AYAVAYA, with their unique anti-stress cabin, has been selected by the Ministry of Economy and Climate in the Netherlands to participate in the world’s biggest tech fair: CES Las Vegas. This trade show will take place in January 2023. Prior to this trade show, the start-ups selected will be presented on Thursday 13 October 2022 during CES Unveiled at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

We wrote a couple of articles about the Fletcher Hotels. The BLUE Wellnessresorts are part of this chain. 

Website: BLUE Wellnessresorts and AYAVAYA

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