Workshop Gertjan Kiers at Julius bar & grill


  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill
  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill
  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill
  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill

Julius bar & grill in Amsterdam opens its doors on Sunday afternoon 6 September for a workshop with the famous butcher Gertjan Kiers of butchery ‘Fontijn Vlees en Vleeswaren BV’. This edition Gertjan Kiers debones a pork and teaches how to get the best out of it. The learnings can be tasted right back during a four-course lunch.

Pork deboned by Gertjan Kiers at Julius bar & grill

The previous workshops on beef and lamb were sold out, this edition Gertjan Kiers will elaborate about pork. In the afternoon of 6 September, Kiers debones a complete pig and provides chapter and verse. He shows how quality meat is cut, shares how a butcher knife is handled and teaches how all parts of the pig are best cooked on the barbecue.

4-course lunch

With a four-course lunch at Julius bar & grill the guests can taste back the lessons about the pork directly. There is a special wine pairing menu for the grilled meat dishes available.

About Gertjan Kiers

Gertjan Kiers is a born butcher with a clear opinion about meat and the meat industry; “Many consumers prefer convenience over taste and some butchers and chefs attach more importance to marketing rather than the product. By broadening the general knowledge about meat, the consumer gets a better piece of meat on the plate and the butcher profession gains the respect that it deserves. ”

This unique workshop will be in Dutch and can be reserved online via stating ‘workshop Gertjan Kiers’.

When: 6 September, 2015

Time: 13:00 to 16:00 pm


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