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Nice collaboration between chef Michael Wolf and DJ Michel de Hey, together they will prepare a special dinner in Wolf Atelier (Amsterdam) on Friday, December 9th. At 22:00’s Michel de Hey will take of his chef’s jacket, put his headset on, the chairs will be replaced to the side and the volume will be up. Wolf Atelier will transform from restaurant into a club that night and the music will be attended to with just as much care as dinner will be served.

DJ in the kitchen

After a very memorable night during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), we could wait for Chef Michael Wolf and DJ Michel de Hey to join forces again. On Friday, December 9th they will cook ‘back to back’ during the ‘Chef’s Table’ at Wolf Atelier. Both will prepare three courses. Throughout the evening their guests will be entertained by a DJ preparing them for an extra-long set of Michel de Hey.

“The combination of gastronomy and techno was phenomenal last time so we really wanted to do it  one more time, but even more special. When we found out that Michel de Hey is an enthusiastic cook, we knew instantly how to make the evening special! We know he is a great DJ, now we challenge him to once again prove how good he really can cook.” says Michael Wolf, who is an fanatic techno lover in return.

Timetable: 19:00 to 22:00: Six-course dinner by Michael Wolf ‘Back 2 Back’with Michel de Hey / 22:00 to 04:00: DJ Michel de Hey and special guests. Tickets for this unique event are available here.

Website: Wolf Atelier

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