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HYGENIQ, the producer of sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning agents located in Enschede (The Netherlands), is launching a completely new ecological product line under the name WIWIQ. With this new product line consisting of eight basic cleaning products, HYGENIQ wants to make the step to sustainable cleaning products easier for everyone. The cleaning products are easy to use, effective, developed from renewable raw materials and come from a sustainable Dutch factory. WIWIQ is available as of today.

Effective cleaning with WIWIQ in a sustainable way

In recent years, HYGENIQ has specialized in the development of sustainable cleaning products for the professional cleaning market. Marcel in het Veld, CEO of HYGENIQ: “Our mission is to protect people and our planet by providing innovative, safe, green and effective hygiene and cleaning solutions. We have already been able to connect many companies to our mission. It is great to see that our cleaning products are used in more and more professional kitchens, buildings and public spaces. I am proud that, with the new WIWIQ range, we can now also offer semi-professionals and consumers a safe, sustainable solution for their cleaning”. The HYGENIQ range consists of a broad selection of more than 140 products that support the professional in every specialist cleaning problem. The WIWIQ range consists of eight basic cleaning products that can be easily used without dosage pumps to clean kitchens, floors, sanitary facilities and public areas.

WIWIQ stands for ‘What I Want is Quality’ | Cleaning products from a clean factory

The name WIWIQ stands for ‘What I Want is Quality’. For the new cleaning products, HYGENIQ applies the same quality standards as for its cleaning products for the professional market. Moreover, HYGENIQ produces these new cleaning products in its own sustainable factory. The development and production of the WIWIQ cleaning agents are subject to the same strict sustainability manifesto as HYGENIQ products. For instance, in the development of the cleaning products, use is made of renewable raw materials, green energy and packaging materials of 100% recycled plastic.

Making an impact together

“We saw that our specialist cleaning products for the professional market have less connection with the semi-professionals. Naturally, we also want to offer this group the possibility of sustainable cleaning. WIWIQ consists of a range of eight basic cleaning agents that can be used for daily routine cleaning. The product line is so accessible that even consumers can easily use it. This way, we can make an impact together. With the launch of WIWIQ, we are taking an important step towards completely circular cleaning”, according to In het Veld.

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Website: HYGENIQ

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