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Kinfill is a sustainable brand that features an innovative collection of homecare products that contributes to a cleaner planet. Their reusable ‘forever glass bottles’ ensure that no plastic is used and refills are delivered in small bottles that can be diluted with tap water. They have a wide range of products (cleaning sprays, soap bars, hand towels etc.) for every area, including the kitchen. Since they do not use any chemical substances, their products are ideal to use in the hospitality industry and you never have to worry that harmful substances will reach the guest. Kinfill has recently been offered and used by several coffee shops, including the well-known coffee bar Saint-Jean in Amsterdam.

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Kinfill | vegan, animal testing-free and 100% biodegradable

Kinfill is the first sustainable, Dutch homecare brand to offer cleaning products in concentrated form. Cleaning should not be at the expense of the planet. That’s why the young Rotterdam-based entrepreneur Reda Jouahri is the first in the Netherlands to market a cleaning brand without packaged water, single-use plastic or added chemicals and palm oil. Instead, the products are vegan, animal testing-free and 100% biodegradable.

Kinfill as a sustainable alternative

Kinfill’s collection consists of four sophisticated homecare products: all-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, glass & mirror cleaner and bathroom & toilet cleaner. All products come in four fragrance variations called Naranja n°55, Lavender Fields, Cucumis and Pine Husk. Each fragrance is developed according to ECOCERT and ECOLABEL standards.

It’s quite a contradiction: the cleaning industry is a polluting business. Most cleaning products consist of 90% water and are packaged in single-use plastic containers. Kinfill is a sustainable alternative, packaging its concentrated products in glass and cleverly designed cardboard boxes. The brand’s packaging is affiliated with the ZeroPackaging label. This means that the emissions from using cardboard are offset by planting real trees. In addition, Kinfill is produced locally, its volume and packaging are drastically reduced, thus greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition, clean content is important to Kinfill. Palm oil and chlorides have therefore been replaced by citric acid and sugar densides. This is a safer alternative for people and the environment.

The clean approach – how it works

The 10ml concentrates are mixed with tap water at home in reusable glass bottles. This ‘Forever bottle’ fits exactly 500ml, making it impossible to over-dose. The bottles are of Italian design and come with pastel-colored rubbers to identify the products: they look beautiful on the counter or in the kitchen and in the long run replace hundreds of plastic containers. Shake the bottle gently and the product is now ready to use. Kinfill stands to be a sustainable care system: reduce (10ml), refill, re-use, recycle (glass & aluminum cap).


Website: Kinfill.

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