Winners of the 1st ProVeg Vegan Cheese Awards I Max & Bien and Petit Vegann


  • Blue Cheese by the Dutch vegan cheese maker Max&Bien
  • Vegan brie Petit Lorrain by Petit Veganne

The Amsterdam vegan cheese maker Max & Bien won the audience award of the ProVeg Vegan Cheese Awards 2020 with their blue cheese. The Petit Lorrain, a vegan brie from Petit Veganne from France, was the favourite of the jury. The awards were presented during the well-attended sixth edition of VeggieWorld in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Although a news from a week ago, we still love to mention it! There is currently an increasing demand for high-quality vegan products with which you can make a difference in the catering industry. For example, we recently wrote about camembert made from cauliflower and hemp seeds from Grounded Foods in New York.

First Vegan Cheese Awards

ProVeg Netherlands presented the Vegan Cheese Awards, because the foundation sees a rapid development in the field of vegan cheeses. A record number of vegan cheese makers were present at VeggieWorld. “Vegan cheeses are now approaching the taste of dairy-based cheeses. We expect vegan cheese after vegetable milk and meat substitutes to be the next major breakthrough in vegetable,” said Veerle Vrindts, director of ProVeg Netherlands.

Vegan brie from Petit Veganne

The subtle Petit Lorrain, according to the seven-member professional jury, gives the most complete experience and comes closest to regular cheese. “If it was dark, cheese lovers would not taste the difference with a real brie,” said jury member Nadia Zerouali. Petit Veganne won the challenge from Willicroft, who participated with their recently developed ‘This is not Cheese Fondue’. The jury members appreciated the beautiful taste of this.

The jury consisted of: Nadia Zerouali (culinary journalist), Michiel Bussink (culinary journalist), Sarah Puozzo (food writer), Martine van Haperen (vegan food professional & nutrition coach), Mark Kulsdom (social entrepreneur), Lieske van der Waals (chief editor) De Hippe Vegetariër) and Onno Kleyn (culinary journalist).

Blue cheese from Max & Bien

Max & Bien received the audience award, after the audience had tasted all the cheese and voted via an app. The company makes a Blue cheese in grape leaves based on cashew nuts. The vegan cheese maker from Amsterdam uses the same cultures as in dairy-based blue cheese. After the cultures have been developed, they allow the cheese to mature for another two months to develop the more complex flavours. This is what creates the characteristic and spicy taste.

Website: Proveg & Vegan cheese maker Max&Bien

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