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Dijkwijn is a label by Nouvino, a new player in the wine arena in the Netherlands that makes “enjoying quality wine durable and affordable by out-of-the-box thinking.”

In France we have the ‘vin en vrac’, containers of 5 or 10 liters in which you can buy wine in bulk directly at a winery. In the supermarkets you can also buy the BiB (Bag in Box). The Wine Tube by Dijkwijn is a new sustainable and stylish alternative in this category.

The Wine Tube

The wine tube is filled with sustainably produced wine from traditional wineries. The tube is made from recycled FSC carton and contains the contents of almost three bottles of wine. A smart vacuum system preserves the wine two months after opening. Efficient transport and storage result in lower cost and less CO2 emissions than with a traditional bottle. In addition, the tube stays cool longer and is easier to recycle than glass bottle.

Dijkwijn Bianco and Rosso

Trebbiano and Grechetto grapes from the family Sabbata form the basis for the Dijkwijn Bianco. Wine farmer Primo de Sabbata delivers Sangiovese and Merlot grapes from the Tuscan hills of Arezzo for the Rosso variant.

Who is behind Dijkwijn?

The team consists of Hans van Minnen (quality, logistics, marketing, buying and selling), Sandra Kars (general organization, design, marketing, social media and supporting buying and selling), Michiel Zijlstra (design, websites and online promotion) and Nikaj Pennings (quality, marketing and sales).

Bron: Dijkwijn

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