Wine Festival Vinhalla | A 3-day Birthday party for Grapedistrict


  • Wine festival Vinhalla by Grapedistrict in Amsterdam

Disclaimer: this article is more interesting for Dutchies.

An event to add to your calender if you are a wine lover!

This year Grapedistrict is celebrating 15 years! And this Dutch wine store with 13 physical stores and a webshop is celebrating it big. Founders Freek Padberg and Gijs Groenevelt are organizing a spectacular 3-day birthday party in honor of this milestone: Wine Festival Vinhalla. On November 4, 5 and 6, 2021 from 5 p.m. to midnight, the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam North will be the setting for the most beautiful wine festival in the Netherlands. Together with well-known Amsterdam top restaurants & chefs under the leadership of The Food Line-up, it will be ensured that festival-goers can also eat qualitatively. In short: a paradise for all wine lovers and Burgundians in the Netherlands.

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Wine Festival Vinhalla

A paradise with hundreds of wines, appearances from about fifty winegrowers with whom Grapedistrict collaborates, live music and wine worlds housed in special bars. Including a Riesling bar, a Natural wine bar and a luxurious champagne & oyster terrace.

People can register via the Vinhalla website to be the first to be able to buy tickets in advance. Regular ticket sales will start from September 3. There is room for 2,000 to 2,500 visitors per evening.

About Grapedistrict

Founders Freek Padberg and Gijs Groenevelt started Grapedistrict 15 years ago from a shared love for wine and the conviction that the then dusty wine world needed to be shaken up. From the first store in the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam, the idea has been carefully expanded to 13 physical stores with the best wine advisors and a webshop. In addition, Grapedistrict also supplies wine to a large number of catering establishments throughout the Netherlands and they are a proud partner of festivals such as De Parade. Grapedistrict only works with small-scale winegrowers with a story. With this they support local wine families all over the world and you get better wines with a distinct taste. For example, more and more wines have a QR code. If you scan it, the winegrower will tell you what makes his or her wine unique in a personal video.

Website: Vinhalla

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