Wilhelmus Orange IPA | Brewed for King’s Day in the Netherlands


  • Wilhelmus Orange IPA (6%)Wilhelmus Orange IPA (6%)

The Orange fever will rage through the Netherlands at the end of April when we celebrate King’s Day (April 27) and Bird Brewery created their newest beer Wilhelmus Orange IPA for this event. A fresh, fruity Orange IPA (6%) with notes of orange. The Elixer hop also provides a subtle bitterness and tropical aromas. Our Dutch anthem is called the Wilhelmus and Brid Brewery creates beers with bird names, the Dutch ‘mus’ is a sparrow. They even brew their beers at a location in a forest near Amsterdam, House of Bird in the Diemerbos.

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Wilhelmus Orange IPA (6%) with a royal touch

“This year we are brewing a number of beers for public holidays, of which Wilhelmus is of course specially brewed for King’s Day. The beer is canned, deliciously drinkable and completely in the spirit of our Wilhelmus,” says co-founder of Bird Brewery, Ralph van Bemmel. “By the way, there is a good chance that you will also spot a real house sparrow on King’s Day, the bird is a welcome guest in the city centre and you often see these birds around people.”

Dutch Hop House

“The Orange IPA is brewed with the Elixer hops from Hollands Hophuis,” explains brewer and founder of Bird Brewery Rik van den Berg. “Hollands Hophuis supplies hops from European hop fields, thus including these Elixer hops. It gives Wilhelmus a refreshing taste and tropical aromas.”

About Bird Brewery

Bird Brewery has become a well-known name in recent years. With their many award-winning beers and through their dealings with nature, they know how to make an impact within the beer world. Thanks to collaborations, the brewery planted more than 96,000 trees and donated 2.7 million liters of drinking water. We have already written quite a few articles about their special sustainable and marketing actions.

Website: Bird Brewery.

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