Which restaurant is going to experiment with Miracle Frooties?


Why doesn’t the hospitality industry experiment with Miracle Frooties? The Frooties are made of Miracle Berries, which turns sour dishes into sweet! Also suitable for guests with diabetes.

Some time ago I have read about the Miracle Frooties. The Miracle Frooties are tablets with elements that will be temporarily attached to the tastebuds on the tongue, turning bitter and sour flavours into sweet. Several videos on the Internet show that after the complete dissolution of the tablet even one of the most acidic fruits, lemon, turns into a tasty sweet bite.

Miracle Berries

The Miracle Frooties are made of Miracle Berries. These berries have been used since hundreds of years by West African tribes. They consume the berries prior to their meal. The food will get a completely different taste. On the Miracle Frooties website you can find several products that can be combined with the tablet. Examples:
• Lemon and lime – surprisingly sweet;
• Oranges – full-bodied and sweet;
• Kiwi and Pineapple;
• Granny Smith apple;
• Rhubarb.
Curious about other examples, please check the website of Miracle Fruit World.

Use the Miracle Frooties in your restaurant

The Miracle Frooties have been on the market for several years but I haven’t seen them in restaurants yet or heard about restaurants experimenting with them. Not even at the high end restaurants who are always in for an experiment. I would love to take part of an experience where you first have a dessert without sugar and with a high amount of acids and then taste it again, after taking the pill. This might be a fun experiment for chef François Geurds, from restaurant FG in Rotterdam!

Or use the Miracle Frooties to ‘sweeten’ an acid dessert for diabetics! This way, they can also enjoy a delicious dessert without the intake of sugars. And for those guests who want to lose weight, the pill is a nice way to eat, a ‘sweet’ dessert!

If I have inspired you and you are planning to conduct this experiment, I would like to be your guinea pig! The pills can be purchased in the Netherlands on the website of V-Nix.nl. ^Bram Kosterink

Website: V-Nix Miracle Berries

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