Where I want for Christmas | Christmas campaign from Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Airlines launched a campaign to help people spend their holidays with friends and family. The ‘Where I Want for Christmas’ campaign is targeting consumers who may need a little extra help to purchase an expensive flight. With the help of Virgin, they can request a small cash amount from friends and family, in lieu of a Christmas present.

Where I want for Christmas

Throughout the campaign, the airline will serve as a platform that will allow passengers to politely ask family members for money. Users can create a page on the website of Virgin Airlines involving personal information, which family/friends you want to visit and where they live. From there, the user can set a target amount, and detail the amount they can contribute. The page can only be visited by people who received an invitation, it is not possible to donate as a ‘stranger’.


The Virgin Airlines campaign fits well in today’s society where crowdfunding campaigns are used more often. When a large number of people all donate a small amount of money, big things can be achieved.

Website: Where I want for Chrismas

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