We Design Food, eating at food designers during ART Rotterdam


  • Menno Vreeburg, Arne Ramak en Maarten Hogeveen

During ART Rotterdam (11 t / m 14 February) at the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam a collective of leading Dutch food designers open a temporary dining-and-drinking atelier called We Design Food.

The chefs or food designers provide seasonal dishes. The other members provide a nice glass of wine or a super exciting cocktail. There are oysters and small snacks. There is bread and there is chocolate. You can also just grab a cup of coffee of the highest quality at We Design Food. The atelier is to be found in building 6, opposite the entrance of ART Rotterdam. The atelier is open every day from 10 o’clock.

We Design Food, the line-up

At the We Design Food atelier a variety of food designers work together. They are all proud of what they do and love to share this. It is precisely this unique combination of culinary talent that guarantees a unique experience for all guests even if you don’t have plans to visit ART Rotterdam.

Chefs Arne Ramak, Menno Vreeburg and Maarten Hogeveen guarantee popping flavours, nice textures, smells and colours. Barista Luc Barkhof is busy with the various flavours and roasts of his coffee beans. Baker Edwin Klaassen will be preparing sourdough with fermented seeds. Bartender Johan Kersten will prepare spirits, with sours and spices and chocolatier Gido van der Kamp makes chocolates inspired by Damien Hirst.

Website: We Design Food

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