wastED | New York’s waste concept comes to Selfridges London


  • wastED - Dan Barber, Adam Kaye, Jonny Bone and Ian Scaramuzza discussing ideaswastED - Dan Barber, Adam Kaye, Jonny Bone and Ian Scaramuzza discussing ideas
  • wastED - Dan Barber and Adam Kaye testing recipes at SelfridgeswastED - Dan Barber and Adam Kaye testing recipes at Selfridges
  • NYC wastED dish Hearts and CoreNYC wastED dish Hearts and Core

The pop-up restaurant wastED of Dan, David and Laureen Barber and the team behind New York’s internationally known Blue Hill restaurants will pop-up in London at the rooftop restaurant of Selfridges. This pop-up will run from February the 24th to April the 2nd, serving menus designed to raise awareness of food waste. They will convert food waste into £15 ($18) sharing dishes and a ‘not so customary’ £32 high tea. Expect quirky dishes with skin and bones and other ingredients you normally wouldn’t expect.

wastED | Collaboration

wastED London will collaborate with UK and European farmers, fishermen, distributors, butchers, artisanal producers and retailers who are already working to curb their environmental impact, exploring their by-products as a new suite of ingredients. For over eight months Blue Hill has learned and worked alongside dozens of purveyors—including Beavertown Brewery, e5 Bakehouse, Gilchesters Organics, Natoora, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Sharpham Park, Tesco and Selfridges’ Foodhall to identify and reimagine these ingredients-in-the-rough.

wastED | Dan Barber and friends

A couple of Michelin-starred British chefs will cook alongside their colleagues from New York, including Gordon Ramsay, Clare Smyth (used to work for Gordon Ramsey but will open her own restaurant this year) and Tom Kerridge (chef with 2 Michelin stars for his pub, the Hand & Flowers).  Dan Barber is still recruiting other chef friends from the UK and Europe. Unfortunately guest won’t know in advance who will be the guest chef on the day they book. The original wastED popped up in New York 2 years ago.

Tickets for wastED London can be ordered here.

Website: wastED

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