Do you want to taste a Dutch ‘OHUMM kopstoot’?


  • OHUMM GeneverOHUMM Genever

OHUMM Fruit Genever is created as a perfume under the Genevers. OHUMM has 3 notes as is the case with an elegant perfume. The base note is made of pure premium Dutch Genever, the second and third notes are the fruit flavors and scents like watermelon and passionfruit or cucumber and lychee. This makes OHUMM a unique composed Genever. The flavors are numbered and have an aristocratic title as Empress OHUMM No. 9 for the Watermelon-Pomegranate combination and Sultana No. 5 for the cucumber-lychee combination.

The special perfume bottle

The OHUMM bottle, with a Hummingbird flirting with Dutch tulips, is a French design. The aroma and flavor combination is developed in Schiedam, The Genever city. Thus is a combination of French chic with Dutch tradition and quality. For example, the Diamond edition is a pure Dutch genever in a beautiful black bottle with a radius of diamonds on the front of the bottle.
OHUMM is available in two editions. The Platinum edition includes 4 OHUMM’s each with a unique flavor and scent combination that invites to be discovered by the connoisseur.

The OHUMM kopstoot or headbutt

The OHUMM taste and smell perception is inspired by the famous cocktail book ‘The Bartender’s Guide’ by mixologist Jerry Thomas. Some beautiful OHUMM cocktail creations have been made so far. Simple OHUMM ice cubes and popsicles give cocktails a beautiful playful flair. The OHUMM kopstoot (freely translated as headbutt), could easily become a new trend among women and younger hedonists! According to the creaters, a shot OHUMM and a glass of Heineken tastes delicious!

OHUMM as boutique Genever brand is only available on a limited scale in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and other cities in China and soon in California. Want to know more? Contact them via


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