Written by Julia Soldic.

On March 21, 2014, the kick-off of what seems to become the world’s most prestige Street Food Conference- and Festival, Streat Helsinki, is taking place in the capital of Finland. Street Food has been on the food radar for many years, but it’s not until this year the world is about to experience a true Street Food Mecca surprisingly located in the Nordic capital.

One might have the perception that Street Food is something that became in- demand the last years alongside with the beloved Food Trucks and attractive Pop-Up restaurants. However, a little history lesson reveals that Street Food actually arose from the urban poor people in Rome and Greece several hundredth years ago where the less fortunate people did not have financial means to build kitchens at their own home. Consequently, these Street Food Stalls became their daily dining- and social hub. Today, one can witness more sophisticated versions of Street Food with Streat Helsinki welcoming the A-list within Street Food such as highly acclaimed food journal Lucky Peach, Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg co-founder Eric Demby from New York; founder of London’s MEATliquor Yianni Papoutsis; and so forth.

The Project Leader of Helsinki’s Food Culture Strategy, Ville Relander, states: I recommend Streat Helsinki to food professionals, amateurs and foodies alike, as well as anyone interested in urban development, trends, start-ups, and service design. In fact, anyone who enjoys life!

Pull out your winter jackets, prepare your stomachs and book a flight to Helsinki. This initiative will teach you what real food coma is all about.

Check out the website of Streat Helsinki for more information.


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Website: Streat Helsinki

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