Virtual sun holiday | Nice and relaxing break in the Maldives


We see more and more applications of virtual reality in society. Currently, WeFlyCheap and the VR House in Utrecht get a lot of attention with their first virtual sun holiday in the Netherlands. You can retreat yourself for a hour at Curacao or take a nice and relaxing break in the Maldives. Furthermore, it’s nice to present this in the Dutch hospitality industry if we have another rainy summer, for the ones who’ve to stay in Holland!

Nice and relaxing break in the Maldives

Ruud Raaijmakers from explains the experience: “When you put on the Virtual Reality glasses, you immediately find yourself in a ‘holiday world’. You can stare at the beach for hours, place your beach towel on the bounty beach and enjoy the views while drinking a cocktail. The waving palm trees and the movement of the sea will bring you inner peace.”

By adding environmental factors the holiday feeling will be enhanced. Ruud Raaijmakers explains: “What is a sun holiday without warmth? Indeed, nothing! The infrared lights will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the temperature. You’ll occasionally need to remove the sweat above your lip, like you would do on the beach as well. We also thought of the sea breeze, sunscreen, the smell of the sea and a nice massage.

ANVR (General Dutch Association of Travel Agents) chairman Frank Oostdam about this great initiative in his opinion for which he sees many possibilities for collaborations. “We think the virtual sun holiday is a great tool. It’s a good addition for consumers to orientate themselves and preparing their holiday or trip. I can’t imagen that the traveler doesn’t become even more exciting to really book and experience the holiday or trip”.

Virtual reality becomes reality

Because of the collaboration between the VR house in Utrecht and, we call can experience our holiday destination in 360º, while lying in our lazy chairs. It offers advantages for everybody; for people with a low holiday budget; for disabled people who would like to lay on a warm beach; people who aren’t able to go to a tropical island(because of their fear of flying); you can even visit virtual places that don’t exist anymore. Next to the just mentioned advantages, the virtual sun holiday is also the ‘greenest holiday’ possible, it doesn’t leave any footprint.

Already from €49,= it’s possible for everybody to experience a holiday on a bounty island.

We keep spotting examples of virtual reality. Last January, we read an article on,  about Casa Havana, a pop-up bar in London designed for the rum brand Havana. They also used virtual reality to transport their cocktail drinkers from London to Cuba.

Website: WeFlyCheap

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