Virtual Reality pop-up cinema in Amsterdam


&samhoud Consultancy brings the first Virtual Reality pop-up cinema to Amsterdam. The technology of virtual reality will be shown at their office on 31 October.

Virtual Reality pop-up cinema

In this pop-up cinema in the office of &samhoud Consultancy you will be centered in the middle of a movie with the help of the virtual reality glasses and headphones. The technique of virtual reality will be applied on a large scale for the first time in the Netherlands, in this pop-up cinema. Tickets will be 10 euros and can be purchased through a dedicated Facebook page. Jip Samhoud tells more about developments in Virtual Reality worldwide in an article in a Dutch Newspaper, het Parool. He thinks that the initial hype in virtual reality is over and that virtual reality will increasingly integrate. He also admits that the movie they will show, is especially made to show the effects of virtual reality. A big challenge for film producers to create new movies! The video above shows how to use the virtual reality glasses.

Website: &samhoud

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