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Virginia Gold Peanut coffee is the world’s first caffeinated coffee alternative made of peanuts. For what we have read it’s the latest coffee craze in the US and we understand it isn’t coffee, but it looks like it and is delicious. Check out the reviews in the pressfor example the FoodNetwork Magazine writes: “It tastes like a less acidic version of coffee, with just a hint of nutty flavor”. We here in Europe have to wait though, we only spotted it in the social media and articles in the US. We also understood that they aren’t shipping to Europe yet. We love to try it though, don’t you?

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While peanuts and coffee are both technically roasted beans, their similarities traditionally end there. That is until James Harrell, owner and founder of Virginia Gold patented the process for the world’s first coffee made entirely from peanuts grown in the United States. He created a dry, granular substance much like ground coffee. Made of 100% peanuts from the Virginia based farm from James Harrell and according to their website it resembles regular coffee in the way it tastes, the way it smells and the way it is prepared. The process to manufacture Peanut Coffee is a completely new, proprietary process in the food industry which uses varying methods and amounts of heat and pressure. Roasted Peanut Oil is a byproduct of Peanut Coffee. 

Peanut Coffee | Caffeinated and Caffeine-free  

They call Peanut Coffee coffee because it tastes very similar to regular coffee. Everyone’s taste is different and there are varying opinions regarding the taste of Peanut Coffee but most of their customers say Peanut Coffee tastes a lot like coffee. Caffeine-Free Peanut Coffee is said by many to be the best tasting caffeine-free coffee alternative on the market today. With most coffee alternatives, you must sacrifice flavour to get a naturally caffeine-free product which tastes a little like coffee but according to their website is their naturally Caffeine-Free Virginia Gold Peanut Coffee high on flavour and low on caffeine with a very smooth finish. 

Peanut Coffee is of course a completely new kind of ‘coffee’. However, the methods to prepare Peanut Coffee are quite simple. Whichever way you brew regular coffee, you can brew Peanut Coffee the same way. Regular drip coffee makers, French Presses, Percolators, Espresso machines and Pour-overs are just a handful of the many ways you can brew/use Peanut Coffee. Check out the advantage of Peanut coffee compared to a regular coffee on their website (latest article on this page).  

Website: Virginia Gold

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