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Vegotel is located in a farmhouse, dated from 1885, nearby the sea in the north of the Netherlands. It is a very quiet and peaceful area but even more important is the vegan concept that vegotel persists. Breakfast and rooms, everything in this 2-room bed & breakfast is all about veganism.

Vegan food

Eating/consuming vegan food is an easy and fast way to contribute to a better environment. Changing to this way of living/eating is becoming easier everyday due to the fact that nowadays, products such as meat- and dairy substitutes almost look and taste like the real products. Distinguishing the ‘fake’ from real is for some products impossible. Also, vegan products are more easier to get for the reason that more and more grocery stores are elaborating on their vegan supply. At Vegotel guests get a fully vegan breakfast including cheese, meat- and dairy products. They can also choose for an English or France orientated breakfast but no matter what they choose, all products will be vegan.

Sustainable I no Wi-Fi & low-radiation rooms

Nowadays, the word sustainability doesn’t need to be explained anymore, it has become well-known phrase. Vegotel contributes to sustainability not just because of their vegan breakfast, but they also make use of solar energy. Besides they tried to use as much secondhand furniture as possible. Next to this, no Wi-Fi is available because this causes radiation which is unhealthy. Even though there is no Wi-Fi, internet is available via LAN cable. The GSM mode on mobile/smart phones is allowed and so guests are still reachable. Future projects of Vegotel is obtaining their own solar panels and a charging station for electric cars. Besides they would like to rent out electric bikes. The owners of the Vegotel are currently busy with the “possible” opening of a second hotel because they would like to expand the concept as soon as possible.

Do not mistake, within the German hospitality industry a comparable concept is operating under the same name however, this concept is not related to the Dutch Vegotel bed & breakfast.


Website: Vegotel

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