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  • Ahimi, Unami & SakimiSushi Ahimi by Ocean Hugger Foods
  • Ahimi, Unami & SakimiSushi Ahimi by Ocean Hugger Foods
  • Ahimi, Unami & SakimiSushi Sakimi by Ocean Hugger Foods
  • Ahimi, Unami & SakimiSushi Unami by Ocean Hugger Foods
  • Ahimi, Unami & Sakimipoké bowl with Ahimi by Ocean Hugger Foods

We heard about the very popular vegetarian sushi shop, Beyond Sushi with 6 locations in New York City. Here they serve fish-less sushi and they’re pioneer of the plant-based, sushi movement. But we also read an article about Ahimi, Unami & Sakimi of Ocean Hugger Foods. They unveiled an aggressive expansion plan to take plant-based tuna, salmon and eel to the mainstream.

Ahimi, Unami & Sakimi | By Ocean Hugger Foods 

Ocean Hugger Foods is gearing up for a significant expansion this year after striking deals that will help it gain access to thousands of outlets across the US, Europe and Southeast Asia and propel plant-based seafood into the culinary mainstream, claims its CEO. It all started with a visit to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo by master chef James Corwell. There he realized that the oceans could never keep delivering the endangered yellow fin and blue fin tuna. Back home he started to create his vegetarian fish. While most alternative meat and fish formulators start with combining textured soy, pea, or wheat protein with oils, gums, starches and flavors, Corwell started with veggies. Their first product Ahimi is made from fresh Roma tomatoes, non-GMO soy sauce, filtered water, sugar and sesame oil, and tastes uncannily like raw tuna, says CEO David Benzaquen. Sakimi plant-based ‘salmon’ is made from carrots and Unami or eel is made from eggplants. They have created a firmer texture that mimics the experience of biting in raw fish and all have a short, clean ingredients list rather than fixating on protein. It’s on the market since November 2017 and if you’re living in the USA, the products are for sale at Whole Foods stores and some other stores, you can find at their store locator.  We would love to try in Europe as well, Ocean Hugger Foods! If you want to see how you can use their products in your restaurant, check out their YouTube channel.

Vegetarian Sushi | Beyond Sushi

The products from Ocean Hugger Foods could very well be used to create vegetarian sushi, vegetarian Poké bowls and vegetarian ramen. We don’t know whether they use Ocean Hugger Foods at the very popular vegetarian sushi shop, Beyond Sushi in New York City. They’re pioneer of the plant-based, sushi movement. A 100% vegan eatery that celebrates the flavors and beauty of locally-sourced, seasonal produce. Founded by renowned Chef Guy Vaknin and his wife Tali, Beyond Sushi offers an assortment of distinctive sushi rolls and other nutritional staples at their six outposts in Manhattan. So, if you’re planning a trip to NYC and want to try vegetarian sushi, you know where to go!

Website: Ocean Hugger Foods

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