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The demand for healthy dishes and sustainably and locally produced ingredients is constantly increasing, and cost-saving and environmental concerns are taking an increasingly important place within the restaurant industry. With the technology of vertical farming, this all comes together. And you don’t have to leave your home. By growing 100% organic microgreens and herbs in an Urban Cultivator greenhouse in your own kitchen, you have the freshest and healthiest produce in your home 365 days a year. Straight from the greenhouse, into the pan or onto the plate. There is no more waste, no wastage of food or water and minimal energy consumption. In addition, the greenhouse gives the kitchen an intensely fresh and green look. These are the reasons why indoor farming is already a huge hit in the US catering industry, and certainly in fine dining, and a trend that is only expanding.

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The Urban Cultivator in a greenhouse

The Urban Cultivator is a greenhouse for chefs who want to grow their fresh micro-vegetables and herbs local, to get the optimum flavour and nutrients. Major hotel chains like the Four Seasons and Hyatt, as well as Martha Stewart, have been doing indoor farming with the Urban Cultivator for years. In the Netherlands, it is increasing in popularity, partly because the company Urban Cultivator is based here.

The unique all-in-one Urban Cultivator automatically regulates temperature, light, air and watering. This way, microgreens and herbs grow in the optimal conditions. All you need is a water supply and electricity. The smaller model, the ‘Residential’, can be built in just like a built-in wine cabinet, and is available separately as an island model. The ‘Commercial’ model has 4 times more capacity, and is designed for larger hotel and restaurant kitchens, which work with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs on a daily basis. The modern and innovative design fits into any kitchen and colours the kitchen fresh green when the plants are in full bloom.

Back in 2012 we wrote about the start of Urban Cultivator. 

Website: The Urban Cultivator

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