Urban Bistro by AMI now open in Rotterdam and The Hague


  • BY AMI The HagueBY AMI The Hague
  • BY AMI The HagueBY AMI The Hague
  • BY AMI The HagueBY AMI The Hague
  • BY AMI The HagueBY AMI The Hague
  • BY AMI The HagueBY AMI The Hague
  • BY AMI The HagueBY AMI The Hague
  • BY AMI The Hague - Instagrammable detailsBY AMI The Hague - Instagrammable details
  • BY AMI The Hague - spectacular tablesBY AMI The Hague - spectacular tables

The second location of restaurant chain BY AMI has just been opened in The Hague, Prinsenstraat 5A. The first location can be found on the Wilheminapier in Rotterdam. BY AMI has created a blend of a modern and urban bistro with an international ambiance. Both locations entertain a unique modern and very Instagrammable design while allowing you to enjoy their international menu filled with sustainable/local products.

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Colorful, Instagrammable interior | Good vibes only

As said by one of the owners, Ahmed Baglari, about his urban bistro BY AMI: “I’d like to work with quality products and create beautiful #instagrammable dishes. Creating a product that is a little different than usual. I’d like every plate to be worthy of a spot on my guests’ social media. Additionally, I feel that the restaurant should contribute to a better environment through sustainable and socially responsible practices without increasing costs and lowering quality.”

As mentioned by the owners: “Good vibes only!” You will be inspired by the InstaWalls from artist Jeroen van der Wier to post a colourful photo on your own social media! In case you have already visited their Rotterdam location, we still recommend visiting their new location in The Hague. They have spectacular elements on their tables and even in their toilets, as mentioned on the door of the toilet ‘The smoke is safe’.

Dinner at BY AMI

BY AMI aims to produce their food as sustainable as possible. They for instance do not work with gas but instead with a Big Green Egg (a type of barbeque). Paper straws, fairtrade coffee and chocolate, and organic/vegan wines can also all be found on their menu. To summarize: sustainable fairtrade products of great quality.

The Menu is considered an international “fusion” with surprising combinations of flavor, combining a multitude of different regions and countries. Experience dishes like ‘chicken with an injection of avocado’, ‘Kara Age lollipop’, watermelon salad with Greek feta, buffalo cauliflower wings and many more Instagrammable dishes. Additionally, you also have the option to choose a ‘shared dining’ experience, a high cocktail, a high gin, a high tea or you can decide to swing by for drinks in the evening. But do not forget that they serve colorful Matcha coffees during the day.

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Website: BY AMI

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