Truffles from the Burwell Farms in North Carolina


  • Bianchetto truffle by the Burwell FarmsBianchetto truffle by the Burwell Farms
  • Bianchetto truffle by the Burwell FarmsBianchetto truffle by the Burwell Farms

A North Carolina farm is successfully producing cultivate truffles. Truffles are traditionally very rare products of a symbiotic relationship of the truffle fungus and pine trees and are originally only found in wild forests of France, Italy, and Spain. Yet, over the years, scientists have figured out how to consistently grow this rare earthen produce. An article about the Burwell Farms in North Carolina where they’re effectively cultivating truffles. 

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The method of the Burwell Farms 

The team at Burwell farms highlights the importance of feeding the relationship between the truffle and the host tree to help the truffles grow. This involves keeping the tree continuously slightly starving for nutrients in the soil so that the truffle can provide those nutrients and grow with the tree. Truffles are a notoriously rare ingredient and their cultivation will allow more people to experience their unique flavor. Currently, truffle farms like Burwell Farms are still unable to meet the demand for truffles fully. That is why Burwell Farms is also selling inoculated trees to other hopeful farmers. They harvested their Bianchetto truffel a couple of weeks ago, check out their Instagram post below.  


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Farming truffles is difficult due to the very specific climate requirement, yet more and more businesses are popping up in countries other than the Mediterranean. Earlier we wrote about truffles found in Wales and we even got a Dutch truffel farm, the Truffelgaard in Renkum. At this place they celebrated the first production of Bianchetti truffel in the spring of 2020. Growth in this sector would enable more and more restaurants to incorporate the flavor and elevate the dining experience industry-wide. 

Website: Burwell Farms

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