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  • Greggs wants to be carbon-neutral by 2040Greggs wants to be carbon-neutral by 2040
  • Fletcher Hotels partners with Shiji to enhance guest experience with cloud-based property management systemFletcher Hotels partners with Shiji to enhance guest experience with cloud-based property management system

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles including fish canning company John West, which has launched two vegan fish-free tuna products.

Fletcher Hotels partners with Shiji Enterprise Platform to enhance the guest experience with a cloud-based property management system for all Fletcher Hotels locations.

Last weekend Worldwide and United Robotics Group unveiled their solution to their hospitality staff shortage while improving the guest experience.

Greggs, a large bakery chain, aims to be climate neutral by 2040. They developed a Greggs eco-initiatives shop for this purpose. From this shop, initiatives that work will be implemented in other shops.

From 15 March, Espresso Martini Day, you can follow the ‘Espresso Martini Trail’ in London! You can sample varieties of espresso martini’s at several restaurants, among others Zuaya restaurant, In Horto restaurant, Kahani Indian restaurant and Como Garden restaurant.

The entire bread baking process fully automated with Wilkinson Baking Company’s BreadBot, a great machine to showcase the process to customers at for example supermarkets. The Breadbot was popular at the recently held expo for National Grocers in Las Vegas.

Last but not least: a funny game, WeenieBall, table football with hot dogs on the BBQ.

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Fish-free tuna from John West

Fish canning company John West introduced a plant-based tuna alternative for the first time in its 166-year history. The company is owned by Thai Union, which has increasingly been exploring plant-based and cultivated alternatives to animal protein. The tuna alternative marks a major step forward in the Thai seafood giant’s efforts to become more sustainable. More details in the article at Vegconomist, link in the title.

Fletcher Hotels partners with Shiji to enhance guest experience with cloud-based property management system

Fletcher Hotels, the independent Dutch hotel chain with 110 properties, is partnering with global hospitality technology innovator Shiji to bring advanced cloud-based property management solutions to its hotels. Shiji Enterprise Platform PMS solution will enable Fletcher Hotels to streamline operations and improve efficiency while enhancing the overall guest experience. The partnership with Shiji Group aligns with Fletcher Hotels’ commitment to enhancing the guests’ stay through innovative technology solutions. Shiji Enterprise Platform is built to cater for multi-property groups and chains. More details in the press release by Shiji, link in the title. Worldwide and United Robotics Group unveiled solution to hospitality staffing shortage Worldwide, a leading provider of QR ordering solutions for restaurants, and the leading innovator in robotics technology United Robotics Group, introduced innovative technologies designed to enhance dining experience for patrons and efficiencies for staff at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York (IRFS) March 5-7 at Javits Center in New York. Basic of the solution: Guests will be able to order and pay with their phones via and Plato. United Robotics Group’s service Cobiot will deliver directly to their table. By combining their respective expertise, United Robotics Group and Worldwide aim to revolutionize how restaurants and hotels serve their customers. More details in their press release, link in the title.

Greggs eco shop wants to be carbon-neutral by 2040

As a committed zero-waste and carbon neutral business, Greggs (a bakery chain) has pledged to be net zero by 2040 – a whole decade earlier than the government’s plan to end the UK’s contribution to man-made climate change. As part of this commitment, they have developed the Greggs eco-initiatives shop. Designed to operate as sustainably as possible, their format as the basis of the ‘shops of the future’.

Greggs has one Eco-Shop in situ at Great Billing in Northampton, which is testing out multiple sustainability methods to help discover effective and successful ways to reduce their environmental impact. The solutions which are being trailed focus on waste management and water and energy reduction. They have so far implemented recyclable flooring, cistern-less and air assisted toilets, eco-ovens, heat pump air curtains and solar control glass. The ideas and technologies which are successful will be rolled out across their broader shop estate. More details in their news article, link in the title.

An Espresso Martini Trail in London to celebrate Espresso Martini Day

March 15 is Espresso Martini Day and seven of London’s best restaurants created an unique Espresso Martini Trail. Great way to celebrate this momentous occasion! Check out the trail map in the article at Secret London, link in the title. For a month from March 15 you can enjoy a Jungle Espresso Martini at restaurant Zuaya, a smoky take on the classic at In Horto, an Indian spiced version at Kahani and for example the Classic Espresso Martini at Como Garden. Check out the whole trail.

The BreadBot by Wilkinson Baking Company

The BreadBot by the Wilkinson Baking Company, the first of its kind, is pioneering a fully automated way to bake bread. It mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools bread all on its own. From autostart to notifying employees when bread needs to be sliced, the BreadBot is packed full of features and has the potential to revolutionize the bread industry as we know it. The BreadBot is placed in a store where customers can see, smell, and interact with the bakery. The BreadBot has been on the market for a couple of years but was all the buzz at the @nationalgrocers expo in Las Vegas.


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WeenieBall on the BBQ

Just for the fun of it! Spotted in an article at Food Beast, link in the title. Funny idea spotted in an Instagram video posted by Atlanta-based artist and creative director Pablo Rochat. Foosball with hotdogs and a small ball of foil! Check out the Instagram post below.


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