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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others about nut milks to create vegan lattes and in Boston you could go to a Big Mac ATM and pay with a tweet.

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Big Mac ATM | January 31st McDonalds served a free lunch!

The fast food chain’s marketing stunt provided a glimpse into the world of retail automation. A McDonald’s in Boston has launched a Big Mac ATM that allowed customers to buy a Big Mac by using tweets as currency. The ATM was available for one-day-only on January 31 to promote McDonald’s new Mac Jr. and Grand Mac.

Nut milks take vegan lattes to the next level

An article at Tasting Table at which César Vega, founder of roasting company and New York’s hot spot Café Integral explains his view at non-dairy milk options. At his company he makes house-made nut milks, like a cashew-pepita blend. He even gives a recipe for a vegan latte with this blend. His idea: with the rise of the number of dairy-free coffee drinkers, you should think about alternatives for the milk. For example he serves house-made almond tahini, the cashew pepita and coconut cream to add to your cortados or iced lattes.

Web design example | Restaurant La Sirena ads special notes at their online menu

An interesting web design by restaurant La Sirena in NYC. Owner Mario Batali and Chef Anthony Sasso are adding annotations to their online menu at a couple of dishes. The dishes highlighted in yellow are clickable and show either a small blog written by the chef or show a concept sketch of that particular dish. A great way to show guests a bit of their creation process. Check out their menu here.

Sausage rolls | The new trend in snacks?

We have read two articles last week about the sausage rolls on the website of London Inside. One article about The Great Sausage Roll Off. At this contest chefs from London and beyond did battle it out to create the ultimate sausage roll. The contest is held for the fifth year at The Red Lion in Barnes.

Another article at London Inside tells about Greggs Eastcheap and Greggs Cheapside, 2 bakeries that started a delivery service with amongst others sausage rolls.

We like to eat the small sausage rolls (here in the Netherlands we call them worstenbroodjes) from our local butcher, with a glass of wine on weekend days. So we wondered whether these sausage rolls will become a next trend?

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