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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to some inspiring Instagram posts like the one about the Dog Afternoon Tea at the nhow hotel in London, among others. And Father Christmas has been spotted flying over Montreux!

A French Hamburgé from the Big Fernand chain for the Christmas period. Sounds pretty tasty though: Le Big Tartuffe. And how to make a translucent pumpkin pie, a reel from chef Grant Achatz of Alinea restaurant.

The Colonel’s Arms is KFC UK’s first pub, football fans in London could watch some of the England team’s matches here and enjoy the chicken of KFC. And Rotterdam gets a real coffee hotel. Man Met Bril Koffie (Man with Glasses Coffee) will open its roastery, hotel and terrace in Crooswijk, summer 2023.

Check out Sushi Way’s ‘bullet train delivery system’ in Créteil, Paris. Extraordinary sushi express! And McDonald’s in Ustron, Poland, got a knitted makeover!

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

nhow hotel London | Dog afternoon tea

In December, dogs can enjoy an afternoon tea which is festive themed! Pups can enjoy a selection of homemade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, @poochandmutt turkey and cranberry treats, frozen peanut butter bites and a puppuccino for just £25, which includes a tea/coffee and a mince pie for the paw-rent too! We would love to take our office girl friend Jimmy there as well! It’s a very Instagrammable hotel anyway, check out their Instagram account, the website is linked in the title.


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Een bericht gedeeld door nhow London (@nhowlondon)

Le Big Tartuffe

Big Fernand is a French ‘hamburgé’ chain with 61 restaurants, 6 of them in Paris, 4 in Lyon, 1 in Luxembourg and even a restaurant in London. They started back in 2012, in the back of a local restaurant, fragrant with the smell of herbs and fresh bread, a group of men created the ‘Hamburgé’, the hamburger made with the richness of the French terroir. For the Holiday season they created the ‘Le Tartuffe’, a ‘hamburgé’ created with French Limousin or Charolais beef, Mont d’Or cheese (with raw milk), fresh rocket salade and truffle sauce from Artisan de la Truffe. Check out their Instagram post or the website, link in the title.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Big Fernand (@big_fernand)

KFC launched their first pub | The Colonel’s Arms

KFC UK launched their first pub in London, from November 25 till December 1, those who love to watch football could watch it at The Colonel’s Arms. The first-ever pub with free chicken delivered to your table by #KFCDelivery. The landlord is football legend Jimmy Bullard. Great inspiration for other brands? We think the Dutch would also line up to watch football in a bar like this! Check out the Instagram post or the article at the Standard, link in the title.


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Een bericht gedeeld door KFC UK & Ireland (@kfc_uki)

McDonald’s in Ustron Poland got a makeover

McDonald’s in Ustroń, Poland, got its new winter clothing. The McDonald’s outlet in Poland decided to celebrate the winter season in its own unique way. The amazing eatery in Ustron was decked up in giant knitted winterwear, complete with buttons and giant balls of wool. The makeover took 28 days and was done by about 50 people. The reason for the makeover is due to the return of the Lumberjack’s Sandwich on the restaurant’s menu. More in the article in the link in the title.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Nugget (@nugget)

Sushi Way in Créteil Paris, has a special delivery system

Check out the ‘bullet train delivery system’ at Sushi Way in Créteil, Paris, at the Instagram post below by the photographer Narek or check out their own Instagram account in the title. They also recently opened a restaurant at the Forum des Halles.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Narek in Paris (@narekso)

‘Man Met Bril Koffie’ opens coffee hotel

Man With Glasses Coffee has been an established name in Rotterdam for over 12 years. Next summer they will open a hotel in Crooswijk with roastery, coffee bar, restaurant and a large terrace on the Rotte river. It should become a place where the best baristas and roasters from around the world come together to exchange knowledge but also a cool place for the neighborhood.

They got 127% of their CrowdAboutNow funding so the place is definitely going to happen! Check out their funding in the link in the title or their Instagram post. We came across their post about the hotel too late otherwise we would have gladly paid attention. We wish the owner and team good luck with the renovation!

A clear pumpkin pie for the season

We have always been great fans of chef Grant Achatz of restaurant Alinea in Chicago, we loved his ‘green apple ballon’ and all the other playful dishes we have experienced during our dinner their in 2014. Now we spotted a clear pumpkin pie at Instagram, check it out in the Instagram account below. The website of Alinea can be found in the link in the title.


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Een bericht gedeeld door CheFFrancisco (@culinary_talents)

Santa has been spotted to fly over Montreux

A reel we spotted at the Cool Hunter, we love the idea! A production of Montreux Noel. Entertainment, excitement and magic awaits you in Montreux at one of the prettiest Christmas markets in Europe. This year, Montreux Noël has filled Santa Claus’s bag with a lot of great gifts and is offering you a free competition and Advent calendar for everyone over 18: 24 days, 24 surprises to be won and 3 top prizes in a final draw. Check out their Instagram account or their website in the link in the title.



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