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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to…. Bacardi who has announced Astrophel “Troy” Arquiza as the new Global Master Blender for BACARDÍ® rum (the “Maestro de Ron”). And high-quality cocktails from Williams Premium such as the Margarita, Daiquiri, Espresso Martini and Old fashioned are now available in cans.

Butcher and steakhouse owner John Stirk, thought the price of the golden Tomahawk steak at Salt Bae’s new restaurant (in London) was way too high. Stirk Italian Steakhouse now has a much more affordable golden ‘Stirk-Bae’ on his menu…

Wagyu beef is known all over the world as a very exclusive piece of meat. But in Japan you simply ‘pull’ the steak from a vending machine these days! New on the market is the food safety device from Asus, which lets you know whether you have washed your fruit and vegetables sufficiently. preceded the introduction of the app known as Foodspotting. The site allowed its users to take pictures of food that they loved. It was bought by OpenTable in 2013 and doesn’t exist anymore. ChefsTemp on about what happened to this app!

Designer water: this year’s limited-edition glass bottle of Evian water has been covered in Snowflakes by designer Not Vital. A collaboration with Moncler. Another great campaign for the Holiday Season in the UK, this time for the Bounty Bar: ‘The Lonely Bounty’.

 Online cooking tutorials called ‘The Secrets of French Cuisine’ at the website of ‘Fine Dining Lovers’. We included the tutorial of the ultimate croque monsieur! And the same website gives you all the details behind the 100 days pop-up in Paris: restaurant ADMO!

Chiqueolatte opened its 8th location in The Hague and The Hoxton hotel group will open four new hotels in Europe in 2022. Tony’s Chocolonely announced that it will not build its own chocolate factory in the near future.

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 BACARDI | New Global Master Blender

Bacardi today announced Astrophel “Troy” Arquiza as the new Global Master Blender for BACARDÍ® rum (the “Maestro de Ron”). Originally from the Philippines, Troy spent more than two decades with family-owned Bacardi. There he refined his craft as a rum mixer, training for many years under industry legend José “Joe” Gomez, who is retiring after 41 years with Bacardi and who now succeeds Troy in this prestigious role.

“Troy has everything it takes to be a truly great Master Blender – an eye for quality, deep knowledge and love for the rum making process, respect for the past and a vision for the future,” said Jean-Marc Lambert, Senior Vice President, Global Operations for Bacardi. “It is an exciting and historic moment as he becomes the Maestro de Ron for BACARDÍ.”

Premium canned cocktails | Williams Premium Canned Cocktails

Coming Christmas it’s possible to give your (lockdown) dinner or party a colorful and tasteful upgrade. Starting this week, the high quality ‘ready to serve’ cocktails from Williams Premium Canned Cocktails can be ordered at home! Discover the all-time favourites; Negroni, Pornstar Martini, Margarita, Daiquiri, Espresso Martini and Old Fashioned. The cocktails are handmade by an experienced bartender and packaged in eye-catching 100% recyclable tins. Delivered in a tin and – after a 5 second shake – presented by you in your own glassware. Ready to serve drinks are gaining popularity worldwide. In England, America and Australia, cocktail drinking is rapidly moving from the bar to home consumption. With the launch of Williams Premium Canned Cocktails, it is now also available in the Netherlands, you can buy them from their web shop.

Some British chefs spoof ‘Salt Bae’ with their own gold-covered entrées

“Salt Bae” opened one of his Nusr-Et Steakhouses in London last month, and some of the menu prices have caused jaws to drop. One alleged customer’s receipt went viral after their four-person dinner party paid £37,023 ($50,888) for a meal at the restaurant. Although that $50k-dinner tab included over $40,000 worth of wine it also included Salt Bae’s signature entrée, a 24-carat gold tomahawk steak, that rings up at over $1,100. But one British butcher and steakhouse owner has decided that if that’s what people want, he’s going to give it to them at a fraction of the cost. According to The Guardian, John Stirk has created his own version of the thousand-dollar dish, and he’s offering it for £100 ($136.50). The “Stirk-Bae”, which is available at both the Stirk’s Italian Steakhouses in Belmont and Sunderland in England.


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What happened to was a website that preceded the introduction of the app known as Foodspotting. The site allowed its users to take pictures of food that they loved. Its developers indicated that their “goal [was] to cover the earth with amazing food sightings.” Users couldn’t leave negative reviews.

Foodspotting received an enormous amount of media attention, we at horecatrends wrote about the fact that OpenTable acquired their app. However, and the app are no longer available. What could have happened to the website and app that once promised users they would help them decide “what to eat, not just where”? ChefsTemp took the time to find out by tracking the history of Foodspotting, its founders, how it was funded, and its purchase by OpenTable. Interesting article, link in the title.

A Japanese vending machine that sells Wagyu beef

If you’ve ever feel like getting a pricy Japanese Wagyu steak, then there’s a vending machine out in Japan that can take care of you on the spot. As reported by SoraNews24, the vending machine of Tanizawa Ranch dispenses high quality Wagyu beef steaks around the clock. After purchasing, the Wagyu beef cuts come in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure premium freshness. So if that hankering ever does come for some perfectly marbled Wagyu beef and you happen to find yourself in the area, then the vending machine from Yutakaushi has you covered.

A food safety device which assesses whether your fruits & veggies need more washing | Asus

Asus is a brand that is best known for its range of computers, laptops, phones and gaming devices, but the company is looking to take its technological prowess into a totally different space with the advent of the PureGo PD100, a food safety detector that is designed to help you figure out if your fruits and vegetables are sufficiently clean.

Users simply need to add the food safety detector into a tub of water alongside fruits and vegetables. At this point, the device’s optical filter analyzes the water to assess whether any harmful pesticides or other unsavory chemicals are present in the water. The device then flashes a green light if the produce is deemed safe to eat or orange or red if it requires more washing. Check out the way it works, the text continues after the video.

Designer water | Moncler X Evian’s limited-edition glass bottle is covered in snowflakes

For its latest designer collaboration, Evian has joined forces with Moncler on a limited-edition 75cL glass bottle. The duo has invited Swiss artist Not Vital to customize the piece, making this the first time the bottled water company has worked with a contemporary artist. A nod to the creative’s time spent in the Alps as a child, the custom bottle is covered in graphics of snowflakes. The design is also dedicated to the place where Evian and Moncler originate from. “My Alpine Mountain origins have been a common theme throughout my work, and I’ve always been inspired by snow and ice,” Not Vital shared in a press release. “Through our collaboration, I have bottled the feeling of being in the snow — inspired by the snowflake.”


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A great campaign for the Bounty bar| The Lonely Bounty

Another great campaign for the Holiday Season in the UK, this time for the Bounty Bar. ‘The Lonely Bounty’ was commissioned following research revealing Bounty is the most unloved in a box of Celebrations with over half (52%) of Brits claiming it’s their least loved chocolate.

The launched campaign promotes a ‘Bounty Return scheme’ which will give customers a chance to hand back unwanted Bounty bars from Celebrations tubs and swap them for Maltesers Teasers, as part of the Bounty Return scheme.

Online cooking tutorials called ‘The Secrets of French Cuisine’ 

Since the 18th century, French foods and French cuisine have been the gold standard for cooking. The brigade system developed for French restaurants by Auguste Escoffier became the structure of every restaurant kitchen and is still adhered to today. The techniques employed by French chef Marie-Antoine Carême is still seen on plates in every country of the world.

French cuisine has given us such enduring classics as salade niçoise, coq au vin, tarte tatin and confit de canard, to name just a few, cooked with red wine, white wine, butter and olive oil. The classic French dishes should be part of everyone’s oeuvre, whether they are professional chefs or enthusiastic home cooks, and it needn’t be daunting. So Fine Dining Lovers has developed a series of online cooking tutorials called The Secrets of French Cuisine: an introduction to the techniques and treatments that make these dishes so delicious and classic.

These step-by-step recipes and videos open up the world of French cuisine by explaining how to employ classic techniques. They’ve also added a handy guide to building your pantry, so you’ll have everything to hand you’ll need.

Alain Ducasse and Albert Adrià: their 100 days pop-up restaurant called ADMO

The ephemeral ADMO restaurant came to life on 9 November at the top of the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. At its head, a trio recently missed on the Parisian gastronomic scene: Alain Ducasse, Romain Meder and Jessica Préalpato. But that’s not all – the menu of this restaurant, which is destined to exist for a hundred days only, is completed by the culinary magic of the famous Spanish chef Albert Adrià with input from Vincent Chaperon, cellar master of Dom Pérignon.

Fine Dining Lovers reveals all you need to know about ADMO, from the birth of this project, to the alliance of these chefs, each with a very different outlook.

Chiqueolatte opened its 8th location in The Hague!

Since November 25, Chiqueolatte The Hague is officially open. This is the third location opening in the Netherlands in 2021 and this brings the total amount of all Chiqueolatte’s worldwide to eight. After multiple locations in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Chicago (USA) and Dubai (UAE) this is be the newest Chiqueolatte location.

Eelco van de Glind (Director): Chiqueolatte is a modern concept which is a combination of an espresso bar, lunchroom and restaurant. We offer our guests a warm environment in a stylish setting, where we can serve all day ‘food & drinks to feel good’ with a story.

The Hoxton opens four new hotels in Europe in 2022

The Hoxton is entering its biggest year so far: in 2022, the brand will further expand its presence across Europe with openings in the new cities of Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin, and a fourth London hotel in Shepherd’s Bush.

The Hoxton has hotels in Europe and North America. In North America, the hotels are located in New York, Portland, Chicago and Downtown LA. In Europe, there are hotels in four cities: Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and three locations in London: Shoreditch, Holborn and Southwark. In 2022, the new cities of Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin, and a fourth hotel in London will be added to their portfolio.

Tony’s Chocolonely refrains from building its own chocolate factory in the near future

Chocolate manufacturer Tony’s Chocolonely is temporarily suspending plans to build its own chocolate factory in Zaandam. The company has previously paused construction and is now changing its strategy. CEO Henk Jan Beltman says in an explanation that the idea for the factory is certainly not lust, but due to the corona crisis, an investor withdrew. An own factory would be necessary because the chocolate bars of the brand are selling better and better. A factory abroad may also be an option. According to the company, sales nearly tripled in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the United Kingdom and Ireland there was more than a doubling. Since the start of the corona pandemic, people have been buying more chocolate from the brand.



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