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  • De Beren WK CampaignDe Beren WK Campaign
  • Sinterklaas at IZAKAYASinterklaas at IZAKAYA
  • Sinterklaas at Mr PorterSinterklaas at Mr Porter
  • Sinterklaas at The ButcherSinterklaas at The Butcher
  • Sinterklaas at The Duchess & MOMOSinterklaas at The Duchess & MOMO
  • Sinterklaas at Toni LocoSinterklaas at Toni Loco
  • Sinterklaas at ROLADINSinterklaas at ROLADIN
  • Floating on cloud 9 in a Ferris Whlee; in ViennaFloating on cloud 9 in a Ferris Whlee; in Vienna
  • Floating on cloud 9 in a Ferris Whlee; in ViennaFloating on cloud 9 in a Ferris Wheel in Vienna
  • Floating on cloud 9 in a Ferris Whlee; in ViennaFloating on cloud 9 in a Ferris Wheel in Vienna

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about, among other things, a culinary Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) at The Entourage group’s restaurants and reusable plastic trays at McDonald’s France. Also about Washington D.C.’s first ready-to-drink Espresso Martini that was launched and sold out on the same day and about the Gourmet Market Central Station in the city of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the watch brand is opening a pop-up café in Manhattan and you were able to take a special ride on the Ferris wheel in Vienna last weekend. With the introduction of Apartments by Marriott BonvoyTM, Marriott International, Inc. they announced its expansion into apartment-style accommodations and a link to an article about the recently developed intelligent order management system TouchKitchen.

The Dutch restaurant chain ‘De Beren’ launches ‘Taste the Excitement’ World Cup campaign and Brewdog scores its own goal with ‘anti-sponsorship’ ads for World Cup Qatar.

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Culinary Sinterklaas

“There comes the steamboat from Spain.” Saint Nicholas returned to the Netherlands last November 12. That means it’s time for Sinterklaas music and aisles brimming with pepernoten and other sweets. Sinterklaas also visited THE ENTOURAGE GROUP‘s restaurants this year, bringing treats for each location.

For example, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar serves a gastronomic brunch, or Mr Porter offers a Sunday Sinterklaas Roast with specialties including Pork Belly and Yorkshire Pudding. At MOMO you can go for a tasty speculaas cocktail or a dessert in Sinterklaas Theme. If you have a real sweet tooth, you can go to The De Duchess for an Afternoon Tea for Sinterklaas and if you are more in the mood for a burger, The Butcher is the place to be. They even have a hamburger for dessert during Sinterklaas. Prefer a Pizza? Then at Toni Loco they have come up with an Italian-style dessert for after the pizza, for Saint Nicholas of course. For while shopping, you can go to ROLADIN, for three donuts, served with a detail of Sinterklaas such as a meiter, presents or a carrot. Reservations can be made via their websites.

Floating on Cloud Nine | Emma transforms a ferris wheel carriage into a bedroom in Vienna

Last weekend visitors of the Ferris Wheel in Vienna were able to ‘Float on Cloud Nine’ with a free ride in Emma’s dedicated sleep capsule on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. The Giant Ferris Wheel in the Vienna Prater was opened in 1897 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Josef I’s accession to the throne, making it the oldest Ferris Wheel in the world still in operation. In the lovingly decorated capsule of Emma – The Sleep Company, riders will quickly start dreaming in bed with a view over Vienna, under a canopy of fairy lights, cotton wool clouds and dream catchers. With the Cloud Nine experience, Emma is transforming the idea of dreaming in fluffy clouds into a reality — and all visitors are welcome to experience it for themselves. More information of the ‘Float on Cloud Nine’ is in the link in the title. Original idea!

D.C.’s first ready-made Espresso Martini launched and sold out on the same day

Blossom Beverages, a Washington DC-based beverage company, launched its first product in Union Market District last Saturday. Blossom: a boozy and buzzy canned espresso martini, the first ready-to-drink espresso martini in the District. The company’s flagship product was released during a pop-up event featuring DJs, tastings, exclusive merchandise and more than 8,000 cans of Blossom Espresso Martini. Although the event was announced as a two-day celebration, all stock was sold out on the first day, indicating a hugely successful launch. Blossom’s arrival is notable because it signals that the world’s trendiest cocktail is finding its way beyond bars and into the glasses and cans of consumers in D.C and will soon be sold in the rest of the United States. In the Netherlands we have the Williams Premium Canned Cocktails. More information in the press release in the link in the title.


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Jaeger-LeCoultre opens pop-up café in Manhattan

Innovation and reinvention go hand in hand with Jaeger-LeCoultre. The Maison’s temporary pop-up cafe, “Reverso 1931,” has turned the back the clock. At the brand-new pop-up café at 729 Madison Avenue, right in the middle of Manhattan, treat yourself to some 1920s and 1930s splendor, vivacity, and tantalizing doses of Art Deco design. The cafe is decorated in an Art Deco style to honor 90 years of the renowned Reverso’s exciting journey. French pastry chef Nina Métayer’s specially crafted sweets and drinks bring the ingredients from La Vallée du Joux to life. Visit the website or click the link in the title to learn more. This is a concept we do not see often in the Netherlands, where brands open pop-up restaurants, what combination of a brand and pop-up restaurant would you go to?


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Reusable plastic containers at McDonald’s in France

If you go to McDonald’s in France, and eat your order inside, you will henceforth be given reusable plastic containers for your fries, also the salads, burgers, sauces and other products will be served in washable containers. This is an initiative by McDonald’s France in response to the anti-waste law that recently came into force in France, this law means that as of the first of January, fast food restaurants must use reusable tableware for orders consumed in the restaurant. We like the idea, and it looks nice too! So we are very curious to see if we will see this in the Netherlands in the future.

Marriott Bonvoy Apartments

With the introduction of Apartments by Marriott BonvoyTM, Marriott International, Inc. recently announced its expansion into apartment-style lodging. The business is capitalizing on rising consumer demand from groups of friends and families looking for larger rooms, which is being driven by the merging of business and leisure travel, as well as from younger travelers who want a greater range of lodging options.

With Marriott Executive Apartments, a serviced-apartment brand in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, Marriott is leveraging its 26 years of experience. The business anticipates that the launch of Apartments by Marriott Bonvoy will boost portfolio growth globally and introduce the serviced-apartment concept to Marriott guests in the United States and Canada. More information can be found on their website.

Gourmet Market Central Station in Tilburg

Gourmet Martket Central Station in Tilburg is the younger sister of Down Town Gourmet Market in Eindhoven and is the ideal stopover in Tilburg’s downtown, situated next to the railway station in the bustling Spoorzone. There are almost 250 different dishes created in fifteen different cuisines.

Gourmet Market Central Station is located in the heart of Tilburg. The food hall, located next to the train station, houses up to 15 different international cuisines under one roof. Gourmet Market Central Station, with 500 seats inside and another 300+ outside, is the place to go for lunch, supper, or cocktails.

Brewdog Scores Another Own Goal With ‘Anti-Sponsorship’ Ads for Qatar World Cup

“First Russia, then Qatar. Can’t wait for North Korea” reads Brewdog’s new poster. “Proud anti-sponsor of the World F* Cup.” There was initially a lot of cheering for this direct criticism of the World Cup in the desert. But the accusations grew louder when it was revealed that Brewdog would still broadcast the World Cup matches in its own pubs: two sets of rules?

Brewdog’s James Watt remarked on announcing the poster campaign on Linkedin, “In my opinion, it’s always better to take a stand than to say nothing, even if that means you might be ridiculed by a minority.” “We will wait forever and implicitly support things that are just plain wrong in the world if we are only willing to accept ethical opinions from businesses or persons that have no conflicts of interest.” More information in the link in the title.


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De Beren launches ‘Taste the Excitement’ World Cup campaign

Restaurant chain De Beren has their new World Cup campaign ‘Taste the Excitement’. A campaign with a focus on a large national reach, both online and offline. To support this objective, DJ Paul Elstak and soccer icon John de Wolf have been recruited as ambassadors for this campaign. DJ Paul Elstak created a track especially for De Beren, which is featured in the TV commercial. John de Wolf is the face of this campaign and can be seen in the expressions. Marketing manager Marjolein Mens on the campaign: “After 8 years of waiting, everyone is eagerly looking forward to this special edition of the World Cup. What could be more fun than watching the Dutch team with friends and family? Soccer brings us together, just like good food does. This connection is a common thread at all De Beren restaurants and delivery restaurants and we want to emphasize it with our World Cup campaign.”

ICR-Touch, a new order management system

Restaurant operators won’t ever have to deal with the situation that their guests miss out on a meal because to the recently developed intelligent order management system, TouchKitchen. All food-driven hospitality organizations must have a digital order management system or kitchen display system in place to ensure they are meeting the demands of their clients by providing smooth, quick service.

TouchKitchen is a user-friendly, entirely digital kitchen management system that allows chefs the ability to see, categorize, sort, and condense orders while also setting preparation times to guarantee that every meal leaves the kitchen on time. Its flexibility as browser-based software is unrivaled, providing hospitality firms with a dependable, effective solution that can scale with them. More information can be found on their website, link in the title.

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