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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about amongst others McDonald’s Germany that is testing reusables in 10 restaurants and the platform Foodsteps that helps food businesses monitor their carbon emissions.

‘The most beautiful butcher shop in the world, Victor Churchill’ opened a new butcher shop in Melbourne, check out the great images in this article. And Pizza Hut USA unveils their new, limited edition holiday Hut Shop.

The Savoy in London has unveiled the world’s first champagne forest, great decoration inspiration! And On Giving Tuesday (November 30), KFC will donate $1 for each KFC Chicken Sandwich sold to to Blessings in a Backpack.

 ‘Illegal Chips’ come in flavors like horse meat, Casu Marzu and poison blowfish. And a link to all the winners of McDonald’s anti-littering contest in Finland, with great ideas!

Get your pet in a festive mood at 29 Hilton locations in the UK and Ireland with a three course dog menu. Our office dog would love this menu!  


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McDonald’s Germany is testing reusables in 10 restaurants

From the beginning of November, McDonald’s guests in selected test restaurants in Germany will have the opportunity to order drinks and desserts in reusable packaging. This way, the company is testing its own reusable deposit system as the largest system caterer in Germany before the national rollout in all restaurants takes place at the end of 2022. As from 2023 a reusable option will be mandatory for restaurateurs for takeaway meals.

Platform Foodsteps helps food businesses monitor their carbon emissions

Accurately determining the carbon footprint of a product over its lifecycle is a key challenge for businesses looking to make their operations more sustainable. As consumers demand increasingly accurate labelling of products, this requirement will grow. Startup Foodsteps was founded to help solve this problem, with a platform that allows businesses to accurately label the carbon footprint of their food products. Foodsteps was founded by University of Cambridge graduate student Anya Doherty.

Victor Churchill butcher shop in Melbourne

A heritage-listed building in Armadale has become the site of Melbourne’s very first venue from Australia’s oldest and most premium butcher shop, Victor Churchill. Making the expansion from its original digs in Sydney’s Woollahra, the iconic family business, helmed by fourth-generation butcher Victor Puharich and his son Anthony, has gone all out for the splashy Vicorian debut, opening up a shop that is more than just a luxury butcher where locals can purchase some of the world’s most premium meats, but also a shop with a lavish charcuterie counter and a small wine and cocktail bar. The late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain also became enamored with the Sydney shop, calling it “the most beautiful butcher shop in the world” during one of his episodes filmed there. For great images of the shop, click on the link to the article on The Coolhunter in the title.

Pizza Hut unveils new holiday Hut Shop

Pizza Hut started with a limited-edition holiday Hut Shop collection. The online shop has everything festive fans need to begin crossing off their holiday shopping lists, from matching pajamas for the whole family and an authentic Matchbox Pizza Hut playset for the kids, to wine and rocks glasses that level up the classic red cup from childhood. Even Pizza Hut ornaments and gift wrapping sets.  This drop was actually inspired by last year’s fan-favorite holiday commercial. Fans were asking the Pizza Hut to recreate the ornaments, so they did!

Pizza Hut Holiday Shop Collection

Pizza Hut Holiday Shop Collection

The Savoy London has unveiled the world’s first champagne forest

The Savoy is bringing the festivities earlier this year with the unveiling of a pink ‘’enchanted forest’’ at its famous Art deco entrance hall. The immersive experience is designed to transport guests into a magical, festive mood, with several opportunities to click and get clicked! It has been created in association with the Meredith Collective and is also dubbed as the world’s first champagne forest. The primary aim is to create joy, after the hard and strange times, it seems even more important at Christmas this year.

The Savoy in London - festive installation

The Savoy in London – festive installation

KFC calls on competitors to halt the chicken sandwich wars for one day only to fight a bigger enemy: Hunger

KFC is calling on all worthy chicken sandwich purveyors to put their differences aside in the name of fighting hunger. On Giving Tuesday (November 30), KFC will donate $1 for each KFC Chicken Sandwich sold* (including KFC Chicken Sandwich meals) to Blessings in a Backpack to provide weekend meals to children who might otherwise go hungry. The organization was selected as the donation recipient by KFC restaurant team members. More in their press release op PRNewsWire, link in de title.

* KFC will donate to Blessings in a Backpack $1.00 for every sale of the KFC Chicken Sandwich, including KFC Chicken Sandwich meals, on November 30, 2021, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $250,000 and a maximum donation of $300,000. Check out the information about Blessings in a Backpack.

‘Illegal Chips’ come in flavours like horse meat and poison blowfish

Exceptional tastes for chips! Josh Scherer, the Mythical Chef for Good Mythical Morning, has always had a fascination with fugu, he developed a line of fugu-flavored chips with flavour scientists at MSCHF.

“I’ve always wanted to know what pufferfish (fugu) tastes like, but, on account of the fact that it can kill you, it’s mostly illegal in the US.,” wrote Scherer on a recent Instagram post debuting a line of ‘Illegal Chips’ that feature highly exotic flavours. He also has a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese that contains live insect larvae (Casu Marzu or sometimes called ‘maggot cheese’) and horse meat as flavours for his Illegal Chips.

The winners of McDonald’s anti-littering contest in Finland

In the same way that dirty dishes and clutter can make your home feel messy, litter can make our communities feel uninviting. But how do we even begin to help tackle an issue so widespread? McDonald’s Finland wanted to find out, so it launched the Junk to Solution Competition, asking community members to dream up creative solutions to help clean up their city. The winners: 1st Place: Heroes of the Environment: Hanna Qvist came up with the winning concept based on her personal experience as a mother of three. Her idea is designed to help tackle littering through education – more specifically, an online course for high school and vocational students that uses reason, emotion and a dash of humour to encourage younger generations to think twice before littering. Heroes of Education is scheduled to be implemented in early 2022. Check out the other winners in their story, link in the title.

Get your pet in a festive mood at 29 Hilton locations  with a three course dog menu  

Pet parents will be able to play Santa Paws and treat their beloved pooches to an appetising howl-iday roast and christ-mutt pudding, with single mutt whisk(er)y to wash it all down. Available in-room at 29 Hilton properties across the UK and Ireland, well-deserving dogs can feast on a festive three course menu, from the 3-31 December. Developed with veterinary nutrition experts at DogFriendly, the spread begins with festive steak bites, followed by a turkey howl-iday roast, complete with all the trimmings: ‘pugs’ in blankets and seasonal vegetables. Hungry hounds can round off the meal with beef brisket christ-mutt pudding and white sauce, washed down with some single mutt whisk(er)y. More information in the press release in their newsroom, link in the title. More images at their Instagram account.

Dog menu at @TasteofHilton

Dog menu at @TasteofHilton

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