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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week with links to articles about, among other things, cute desserts at patisserie/café ‘Bibble & Sip’ in New York, the McPlant is coming and Impossible Foods is testing plant-based milk.

Inspiration concerning room service for hotels, including high-end snacks from a secret menu at the Kimpton LA Peer hotel and a cocktail bar that will be placed in front of your hotel room at The Portofino Hotel & Marina.

Original decorations for your Christmas tree: Smirnoffs Nr. 21 Christmas ornaments filled with vodka and Guinness comes with two limited-edition stout beers for the holidays.

An interesting article about Uber, showing that the turnover of Uber Eats has increased by 190%, but that does not make up for the loss on the taxi rides. And the Manchester based food delivery platform “Get Vegan Grub” aims to be an ethical and vegan alternative to Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat. They will also start in London in February 2021.

The Russian franchise chain Dodo Pizza recently opened its first branch in Germany.

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

The desserts at this pastry shop are too cute to eat!

An alpaca-themed bakery/café were they sell giant cream puffs, delicious and gorgeous looking macarons, all made fresh in-house. At ‘Bibble & Sip’ on 253 West 52 street in New York City they also serve coffee, hot chocolate, matcha drinks and of course tea, like for example iced rose oolong tea with raspberry & lychee juice topped with strawberry whipped cream. The video by RSVP, link in the title, might be an inspiration for other bakeries or desserts!

Inspiration for room service | High-end snacking and a cocktail bar in front of your room

A list by Fodors with some great examples and inspiration! Like the Kimpton La Peer Hotel that launched a secret in-room dining menu that pairs elevated versions of fast-food favorites with Veuve Clicquot. High-end snacking! Or at The Portofino Hotel & Marina you can have your cocktails shaken right outside your door between 4 and 8 pm, their cocktails come with house made bar snacks. And Caesars Entertainment has launched a mobile ordering service that offers convenient delivery from 11 different dining outlets to all four of their Las Vegas properties.

The McPlant will be on the menu at McDonald’s next year

McDonalds recently announced in a blog that there will be a plant-based burger crafted for McDonald’s, by McDonald’s, on the menu next year. The McPlant will have the iconic McDonald’s taste in a sink-your-teeth-in (and wipe-your-mouth) kind of sandwich. It’s made with a juicy, plant-based patty and served on a warm, sesame seed bun with all the classic toppings. The McPlant burger will eventually be joined by other plant-based items including chicken and breakfast sandwiches.

Smirnoff’s No.21 Holiday ornaments are filled with Vodka

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, this year you can make things a little more interesting with Smirnoff’s No.21 Holiday Ornaments. These limited-edition bottles feature festive designs with fun holiday phrases such as “Eat, Drink, & Be Merry” and “Mix & Mingle.” But beyond the festive exterior, the inside of each bottle is filled with Smirnoff’s gluten-free, triple distilled, non-GMO vodka.

We spotted the Holiday Baubles filled with liquor before, here in the Netherlands at Jajem and the ornaments filled with whisky by The Lakes Distillery in the UK.

Guinness Brews Limited-Edition Gingerbread Stout For Holidays

Guinness is releasing two new beers for anyone who loves stouts. The new Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout (11%) takes the warm flavors of gingerbread and bakes them straight into your beer. Brewed with allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The second beer, the Imperial Stout Aged In Bourbon Barrels (10,5%) features notes of chocolate, bourbon, coconut, and vanilla. The Imperial Stout boasts an oaky finish.

Impossible Foods is testing revolutionary plant-based milk

What Impossible Foods has done for veggie burgers — created something that looks, tastes and bleeds like meat — the food technology company is now doing for milk. Impossible Foods has unveiled that it is developing a plant-based milk that mimics the taste, texture and functionality of dairy milk. Consumers want milk that doesn’t separate when stirred into hot coffee. The new Impossible Foods plant-based milk won’t separate, as demonstrated by the company’s food scientists in a press conference. A launch date has not yet been announced for the product, which is still in the development stage. More at the website of Inhabitat, link in the title.

Despite Food Delivery Boom, Uber Has Lost $5.8 Billion in 2020

Uber announced that it lost $1.09 billion last quarter, even as its Uber Eats offering grew by a staggering 190 percent. According to Uber’s third-quarter earnings report, which dropped after the stock market closed on November 5, Uber Eats had $8.55 billion in ‘gross bookings’ last quarter, which shakes out to $1.14 billion in adjusted net revenue (ANR). But the pandemic is also responsible for the company’s 52 percent drop in its ride-hailing business, which boasted $5.91 billion in gross revenues and $1.37 billion in ANR. More at Eater San Francisco, link in the title.

The Russian Franchise chain Dodo Pizza opens in Germany

The Russian franchise chain Dodo Pizza has recently opened its first location in Germany. They start with delivery first because of the ‘lockdown light’. The pizzeria is located in Munich’s Hochstraße.  Indoors they have almost 185 sqm available, outdoors another 50 sqm. The entire pizza offer has been adapted to local preferences and country-specific recipes. More at the website of Food Service, link in the title.

Get Vegan Grub | Ethical and vegan alternative food delivery platform

Get Vegan Grub aims to be an ethical alternative to Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eats. The vegan part is simple: as a food delivery platform, it will only offer plant-based dishes. But its mission doesn’t end there: Get Vegan Grub is embedding non-violence throughout its business. Research is done on companies before partnering with them: do they pay their workers decent wages? Do they play fairly in their marketplace? It does operate in Manchester at this moment and will start in London February 2021. More at the website of Trend Watching, link in the title.


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