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  • Trends we spotted
  • Bluu Seafood cultivated Fish Fingers - credits Wim JansenBluu Seafood - cultivated Fish Fingers - credits Wim Jansen
  • IZAKAYA kitchen & bar celebrates 10 years of high-end hospitalityIZAKAYA kitchen & bar celebrates 10 years of high-end hospitality
  • McDonald's Germany | Monopoly with Shirin DavidMcDonald's Germany | Monopoly with Shirin David

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week’s links to articles about among others the Netherlands’ most beautiful Christmas hotel, Restaurant & Hotel Hoog Holten. And IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar in Amsterdam celebrates 10 years of high-end hospitality!

Great example of crossovers! The mochi muffins, mochi donuts and other chewy desserts from Asian-American bakery, Third Culture Bakery. And News on cultivated fish from Forsea Foods (Israël) and from Bluu Seafood (Germany).

Overwhelming enthusiasm for investment round of the Dutch fast casual chain SLA and you can still invest! The first ‘Meal Deliverer of the Year’ in the Netherlands has been chosen; Anthony Monte of SushiPoint. An election organized by the NLVVM.

An interesting blog on Retailtainment, FunFairCity, among others, reports the arrival of a new multi-activity complex: Brussels Indoor Games Center. And McDonald’s Germany and Shirin David are making prices rain with Monopoly until 4 January! So if you’re driving through Germany towards winter sports….

We already wrote about the ‘Golden Girls Kitchen’ pop-up restaurant in California last summer and now it’s coming to New York City and more cities in the USA are next in line!

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

The most beautiful Christmas hotel in the Netherlands | Restaurant & Hotel Hoog Holten

We saw on Instagram that the Restaurant & Hotel Hoog Holten calls itself the most beautiful Christmas hotel in the Netherlands, what do you think? Wonderful right or are there even more beautiful Christmas hotels? Check out their Christmas packages in the link in the title and below you get a good impression!

IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar celebrates 10-year high-end hospitality

Since 2012, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar has been one of Amsterdam’s most popular and culinary hotspots. Over the past 10 years, the institution of Japanese gastronomy has grown at home and abroad and can be found in the Netherlands, Germany (Munich 2017) and Spain (Ibiza 2017). IZAKAYA is located in the lively Pijp area and introduced their “kitchen & bar,” a concept of Japanese cuisine with South American influences, 10 years ago. We congratulate the team behind IZAKAYA and The Entourage Group, responsible for the concept. Check out their menu in the link in the title.

Anthony Monte of SushiPoint voted ‘Meal Delivery Person of the Year’ in the Netherlands

November 5, the winner of the national election ‘Meal Deliverer of the Year’ in the Netherlands was announced. Anthony Monte got the most votes and may call himself the 2022 Meal Deliveryman of the Year. “I’ve been working as a meal delivery driver at SushiPoint for a few years now. He started on a bike and then moved on to a scooter and car. I love the freedom of the job, being on the road, making people happy with our sushi and making sure everything arrives on time. This award is a nice appreciation for the work. I want to thank everyone who voted for me and of course my employer!” said Anthony.

The NLVVM (The Dutch Association of Meal Deliverers) thought it was about time for a large-scale token of appreciation and started the election of ‘Meal Deliverer of the Year’ on the ‘Day of the Meal Deliverer’ (last September 22). The Netherlands answered the call and voted en masse for his/her favorite deliverer. Anthony received a brand new electric Fat bike and a VIP day.

Overwhelming enthusiasm for investment round fast casual chain SLA

Fast-growing fast casual concept SLA is expanding in the Netherlands and, in collaboration with Broccoli, launched a sharefunding campaign to accelerate the inevitable transition to plant-focused food together with customers, colleagues, suppliers and investors. After 72 hours, more than €1 million in shares had already been reserved.

SLA is a fast-growing scale-up founded in 2013, with now 13 of its own locations centered around the Randstad region (the west of the Netherlands). Together with more than 15 small-scale partners and farmers, each providing unique, organic ingredients or drinks, SLA offers irresistibly delicious dishes in which vegetables play the leading role, making truly good and tasty food accessible to all. The company doubled the last two years to a turnover of €6 million.

The launch of the sharefunding campaign (link in title) was November 7 and it became possible for anyone to reserve shares. Interest was high; after 72 hours, more than 1 million euros worth of shares had already been reserved. The target has therefore been raised to 1.5 million euros. The additional growth capital will allow SLA to invest in new franchise locations, optimizing the central kitchen and strengthening the team in the coming years.

McDonald’s Germany and Shirin David let it snow prices with Monopoly

You should know that a lot of Dutch travelers travel to the ski areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy have to travel through Germany and regularly those people love to stop at McDonald’s and now they can play their Monopoly game, this year digital! So, peel off the sticker, enter the code, win a prize! Check out the press release in the link in the title or the video below, you can play this Monopoly through the app and till January 4.

McDonald’s Germany is celebrating the comeback of its popular Monopoly competition under the motto ‘Let It Snow’! After fans had to do without the action for two years, this year there will be a fireworks display of surprises, innovations and superlatives. Because this year, Monopoly will not only be more digital, but will also get celebrity support. Shirin David, who is the testimonial of this year’s campaign, will take the wow factor to the next level with two big spots. She will sing her own rendition of the Christmas classic ‘Let It Snow’ in the Monopoly commercial, will surprise one or two particularly lucky winners as a lucky fairy and has recorded a special edition of her number 1 and gold award-winning hit ‘Lieben Wir’ for all rap enthusiasts.

The ‘Golden Girls’ pop-up restaurant is coming to New York City

It seems people still have an appetite for nostalgic television: Back in July, The Golden Girls Kitchen launched in the Los Angeles area. Now, that pop-up is slated to start a run in New York City. The Golden Girls Kitchen will open on Wednesday, November 16 at Skorpios in Midtown Manhattan (5 E 54th St.). So if you were a fan, transport yourself and loved ones to a meal you remember from the 1980 in Miami! They will open pop-ups in San Francisco, Miami and in the Spring of 2023 in Chicago. More details in the article at Food & Wine, link in the title.

Cultivated fish news by Forsea Foods & Bluu Seafood

Organoid growth comes from developmental biology and is a three-dimensional growth pattern that replicates the way fish develop naturally. Israeli foodtech startup Forsea Foods patented the technique as a means of cultivating seafood at an industrial scale. Rather than try to reduce consumer demand, the company decided to focus on meeting or exceeding that demand via sustainable farming methods. More details in the article on Springwise, link in the title or visit the website of Forsea Foods.

Recently we also spotted Bluu Seafood, a German company that is creating cultivated fish. In August Bluu Seafood announced that they were ready to present their first cultivated seafood products. It’s the first in cultivated seafood producer in Europe. They will enter the regulatory approval process in Asia, the U.S., the UK, and the EU. They produce fish balls and fingers.


Mochi muffins and much more | Third Culture Bakery

Another example of crossovers! The mochi muffins and even mochi donuts, and other chewy desserts from the Asian American bakeshop, Third Culture Bakery. We spotted them in an article on Food Beast with an interesting video about the owners, Sam Butarbutar and Wenter Shyu of the Third Culture Bakery and their part in the LGBTQ+ community in San Francisco. They have 3 shops and cafés in The Bay Area and a fourth one opening soon. They ship the mochi muffins nationwide and they look delicious!

Retailtainment | Brussels Indoor Games Center

Near the Westland Shopping Center in Anderlecht, a new multi-activity complex will open: Brussels Indoor Games Center. It will offer a battle arena with virtual reality, augmented reality karting, a Prison Island experience, laser games and of course classic leisure activities like bowling, arcade, karaoke, a Kids playground and of course a restaurant. We have read about this multi-activity complex in the French article l’actu Octobre on Fun Fair City, link in the title. An interesting blog to follow if you’re interested in Retailtainment.

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