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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about… ‘The Great Feast’ in The Old Selfridges Hotel in London and Dole suggest carving a pineapple instead of a pumpkin for Halloween. 😉  With a downloadable pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern carving template!

REEF has a great view on redesigning urban spaces in communities hubs and REEF Kitchens uses a unique real estate strategy to its advantage. They opened the first two ghosts kitchens of Wendy’s in the UK. Furthermore, they will open 700 ghost kitchens in the USA, Canada and the UK.  

And some sustainable inspiration for sustainable building: the De Halo building in San Francisco made of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and the HAUT building in Amsterdam. And a link to an sustainable fabric for carpets and flooring: Econyl. Just as strong as nylon and made of recycled waste.

A design graduate from the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, has created a project to highlight how renewable energy derived from tomato vines could be used to run a cloud server. And a link to an article about artfully Cannabis-infused confections.

In the Netherlands, women’s average gross hourly earnings are 14% lower than men’s, which seemed entirely outdated to De Koffiejongens. So they ask men to voluntarily pay more… And the Franz Fisher ‘Alpenhütte’ in Austria is the first mountain restaurant to serve vegan-vegetarian dishes only.

We spotted a new chain in the USA: The Sweet Paris Creperie & Café with cafes in Houston and one in Mexico opens new locations in Miami.

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The Great Feast in The Old Selfridges Hotel in London

The Great Feast is taking place from the 11th of November until December 18 at The Old Selfridges Hotel, London. Six full weeks to enjoy the festive season. They will have the the Counter of Joy, where you get the food created by the city’s best chefs. Among them Michelin star chefs like Tom Sellers (restaurant Story**), Andrew Wong (restaurant A.Wong**) and Jason Howard, former sous chef at the restaurant of the Connaught Hotel (***). The dessert will be created by Wonky Dreams, courtesy of the liquid nitrogen ice cream specialists at Chin Chin Labs. In an article we read about The Great Feast it stated that Chin Chin Labs also created Christmas crackers with edible surprises. Cocktails are served by ‘The Cocktail Guy’ Rich Woods and you can enjoy The Magic Garden Stage & Lounge.

REEF | Redesigning urban spaces

The so-called neighbourhood company – REEF, transforms urban spaces into community hubs that bring the best goods, services, and experiences to the neighbourhood.  Reef Kitchens, part of the REEF company, expects to expand by a factor of 10 this year. They will be using their unique real estate strategy to its advantage – check out the link to the article about Wendy’s ghost kitchens in the UK, also in this week’s trends we spotted.

They want to bring back nature into the city. Where many cities were developed to accommodate large quantities of cars, REEF sees potential to enhance communities. Has REEF found a way to a greener future where city and nature can live together in harmony? Check out their video below.

Dole suggest carving a pineapple instead of a pumpkin for Halloween

Facing a possible pumpkin shortage and soaring pumpkin prices, Dole Food Company is encouraging Halloween revellers to carve a pineapple instead this year. In addition they are promoting two special recipes: Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern and the Bountiful Fruit Salad with Orange-Mint Dressing

Dole is offering downloadable pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern carving templates on their website to make the process as fun, safe and easy as possible. 😉

Student from Eindhoven did research on how plants and server systems could form a symbiotic relationship

Ilja Schamle, a design graduate from the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, has created a project to highlight how renewable energy derived from tomato vines could be used to run a cloud server. The project aims to explore how technology could form a symbiotic relationship with nature. In return, the heat generated by the computer offers optimal growing temperatures for the tomatoes. The design was exhibited at the Missed Your Call graduate exhibition at Milan Design Week.

Cloud 11 | Artfully Cannabis-infused confections

One company who’s taking the edible experience further is Cloud 11, a Los Angeles-based cannabis-infused confections brand. The founders Chef Nick Pritzker and Eleven Madison Park alum Chef Mauela Sanin set out to introduce gastronomy to edibles, set on elevating “the experience of cannabis itself.” Buoyed by advances in infusion technology, Cloud 11 delivers a truly haute confection. Check out the images in the article at Food Beast, link in the title.

Econyl | A fabric similar to nylon that is made entirely from recycled waste products

Econyl is generally quite tough, like nylon, and can easily be woven into everything ranging from garments to industrial textiles. An article at Treehugger about the use and impact of this sustainable fabric. It’s recognized for being quite stretchy when it is woven, though it is not elastic in its raw form. Pitfalls of Econyl are its lack of durability, isn’t moisture-wicking and melts at high temperatures. Econyl is commonly used for both apparel and industrial purposes. The most common industrial application of econyl is for flooring and carpets.

First Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) building in San Francisco

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is a material that is made from wood, a renewable resource with low upfront carbon emissions, compared to materials like concrete or steel. 1 De Haro is the first CLT building in San Francisco, but the design by Perkins&Will demonstrates the advantages of mass timber construction go beyond just the storage or avoidance of carbon. More about this design with CLT at the website of Treehugger, link in the title.

In Amsterdam we spotted a similar project being build, project HAUT. HAUT is made from wood. A centuries-old building material, yet at the same time a basis for innovation in sustainable construction. Wood does not emit CO2, but naturally absorbs it. HAUT therefore earns the highest possible sustainability accreditation, unique in Dutch housing.

De Koffiejongens ask men to pay a 14% surcharge

In the Netherlands, women’s average gross hourly earnings are 14% lower than men’s, which seemed entirely outdated to De Koffiejongens. So it decided men should pay 14% extra when ordering the brand’s biodegradable coffee capsules.

First ‘Alpenhütte’ in Austria serves vegan-vegetarian dishes

The Franz Fisher Alpenhütte (altitude of 2.020 m) in the Salzburg region, Radstädter Tauern is the only berg restaurant of the Austrian Alpine Club that serves 100% vegan and vegetarian dishes since 2020. It received a sustainable award for that fact, more at the German article at the website of Food Service DE.

First Wendy’s delivery kitchen opened in the United Kingdom

The Wendy’s Company, one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, and REEF, the world’s largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs and delivery restaurants, announced the opening of the first Wendy’s delivery kitchen in the United Kingdom. This opening follows last month’s announcement about the new development commitment between Wendy’s® and REEF to open and operate approximately 700 delivery kitchens over the next five years across the U.S., Canada and the UK. This new concept launches in the UK after it was successfully tested in Canada.

Sweet Paris Creperie & Café opens new locations in Miami

Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe, based in Houston, is expanding to Florida with four locations. They already have 10 stores in Texas and one in Mexico! Founded in 2012 by Allison & Ivan Chavez, Sweet Paris features sweet and savoury crêpes as well as waffles, salads, paninis, soups, milkshakes, mimosas and hot espresso and Nutella drinks.

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