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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others a link to an article about a special collaboration between the restaurant of the Andaz Amsterdam and Heinz ketchup, a menu called ‘In case Ed Sheeran’.  And have you got any idea what the ingredients are for a dish called ‘Musubi Madness’?

We also read an article about a dumpling made with lab-grown kangaroo meat and another ‘veggie’ collaboration; Beyond Meat and Subway introduced the Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub this September.

The Gateway Foundation says it will open its first space hotel in 2025, check out their artist impression of the ‘Space Wheel’ hotel. And the new Raaago app, developed by German design group Random Access Studios, aims to make travel more interesting by making it random.

And Starbucks is rolling out the Chinese ‘Starbucks Now’-concept. The first pick-up-only shop will open in New York City this fall.

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

Introducing Musubi Madness | A pop-up serving a customizable SPAM® Musubi

There will be some Dutch people that know the brand SPAM® but for those that don’t know it, it’s a kind of SMAC (canned meat) which is sold more often in the Netherlands. We used to eat during camping in our youth! The American brand SPAM® is canned meat which is often served in baked slices. In cooperation with the website they opened a pop-up in the first three Saturdays in September in restaurant LONO Hollywood.

Check out the amazing dishes they create like the Musubi Madness and corn dogs! The Musubi Madness is a kind of big sushi with a slice of SPAM® and you can create your own Musubi at this pop-up. They even serve a ‘soft serve SPAM®’ and tropical drinks in SPAM® cans!

Andaz with Heinz ketchup | An exclusive ‘In Case of Ed Sheeran’ menu

Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s love for Heinz ketchup! The Blue Spoon restaurant at the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam partnered with Heinz to make an exclusive ‘In Case of Ed Sheeran’ menu. The menu was available for only two weeks as from Tuesday 3rd September. They served a beef tenderloin with a splash of Heinz ketchup on the side for example. Check out the link to the Instagram of restaurant Blue Spoon for images of the dishes they served. Link in the title!

The World’s first space hotel with artificial gravity is set to open doors by 2025

After the news on Orion Span’s Aurora station – the world’s very first Luxury Space Hotel, we spotted back in 2018, we now have an update on yet another venture that promises to take those in love with galaxies for the spin of their lives! In 2025 The Gateway Foundation will open doors to its first-ever space hotel that also doubles as the only commercial space station of its kind to be open to the public. Check out the artist impression of the ‘space wheel’ at the website of Luxury Launches. Link in the title!

Beyond Meat & Subway

Two weeks ago we wrote about Kentucky Fried Chicken® that was the first national U.S. QSR (quick service restaurant) to introduce a plant-based chicken, in partnership with Beyond Meat®. On August 27 the ‘chicken’ by Beyond Meat was sold out in no time. In September Subway will introduce the ‘Beyond Meatball Marinara sub’ in 685 participating restaurants in Canada and the U.S. for a limited time only.

A personalised travel guide

The new Raaago app, developed by German design group Random Access Studios, aims to make travel more interesting by making it random. The smart phone-accessible travel guide allows users to enter their location and their goal (eating, drinking, sightseeing, etc). The guide will then present users with a curated choice – a nearby sushi restaurant perhaps and a bar for drinks afterwards. It will not only include suggestions, but also advice on booking the chosen restaurant or suggested club. In addition, the site offers real-time weather updates to make planning easier.

The first dumpling made from lab-grown kangaroo meat

Australian startup Vow is taking clean-meat to the next level by offering a greater variety of lab-grown products in products like dumplings and tacos. Vow aims to provide a greater variety of meat without killing animals or compromising limited resources. Currently, lab-grown meat is mostly limited to beef and more recently also chicken. Vow is taking lab-grown meat a step further by focusing on exotic animals that are largely inaccessible for general consumption. For example, the start-up has created the world’s first dumpling made with cultivated kangaroo meat. But their kangaroo meat hasn’t been approved for human consumption yet.

Starbucks Pick-Up-Only Store in NYC

A pick-up café in New York is set to open this fall to cater busy coffee-drinkers on the go. The Manhattan store, which is still in development, will build off of the chain’s success with its Starbucks Now concept in China that lets customers order in advance on mobile phones and collect their items in a specialty ‘express’ shop without the wait. Starbucks could eventually roll out similar pick-up locations in other cities including Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Johnson said. They aren’t intended to replace the existing cafes, these should give consumers a ‘third place’ to relax away from home and work.


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